BitPay payment service will add Xpring (XRP)

BitPay crypto-processing service will add support for Xpring (XRP). The third largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, by the end of this year. It is reported by The Block.

The company said it has partnered with Ripple Xpring to integrate Xpring (XRP) into its platform. So that business representatives and outlets can accept payments in XRP.

“XRP can offer a fast, economical, and scalable payment option.” – said Sean Rolland, Director of BitPay Products.

Last month, BitPay announced the addition of Ethereum support. The service also allows you to pay with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Ripple Xpring, in turn, announced the launch of a new platform. A platform that will allow developers to integrate XRP-based payments into any application. The presented set of development tools will help programmers implement support for XRP applications using many languages.

“What developers spend 100 lines of code on today to complete a transaction through the XRP registry. The Xpring SDK can be reduced by 80%, ” – said Ethan Byrd, senior vice president of Xpring. Moreover, adding that the platform may be in demand for micropayments in the gaming and media industries.

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