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What’s in store for miners after bitcoin halving 2024?

Bitcoin halving on the way and what's in store for miners after reward cuts? There are only 32 days left until the next bitcoin halving, which is expected on April 20, 2024. Currently, miners mine about 900 BTC per day, which is equivalent to about $25.42 million at the current exchange rate. After the halving, daily bitcoin issuance will drop to 450 BTC, accordingly, miners' revenue will drop to approximately $12.71 million.

Scalping in cryptocurrency trading

Traders who live for the high have scalping. Do you realize that the charts you are looking at are in the area of 1-minute charts? Do you want to get in and out quickly and easily? Do you want to make transactions quickly, extremely quickly, without any errors or at all? Faster than a shareholder can see a profit and loss statement? And scalping has been designed for you.