ASIC NODEVFEE: Download firmware for Antminer S17/T17/S9k/S9se/S9/S9i/S9j/T9/T9/L3+

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ASIC NODEVFEE: Скачать прошивку для Antminer S17/T17/S9k/S9se/S9/S9i/S9j/T9/T9/L3+

Download and install firmware NoDevFee Antminer S17/T17/S9k/S9se/S9/S9i/S9j/T9/T9/L3+. Up to ~+30% performance increase and ~-30% downvolt capability. Now you can install ASIC firmware for a long time = You no longer need to pay Dev Fee on an ongoing basis ➡️ The new 9th series S9k / S9se has been released.

⚡️ Antminer S17(обычный) до 70-74Th/s (~3150-3300w)
⚡️ Antminer S17Pro 60-74Th/s (~2150-3300w)
⚡️ Antminer T17 до 51-56 Th/s ( ~2780-3300w)
⚡️ Antminer S9k ~ (16-18Th/s)
⚡️ Antminer S9se
⚡️ Antminer S9/S9i/S9j = 12th-950w / 16,2th-1433w / 17th-1573w
⚡️ Antminer T9 = 10.5Th (1-1,2w) / 12.9Th (1,5-1,6w) / 13.5Th (1,6+)

Firmware Features ASIC NODEVFEE firmware:

  • Custom informative Dashboard
  • Overclocking each chip individually-

AutoTune system implemented

  • Possibility to set fans speed manually
  • AsicBoost system implemented
  • No developer fee (dev fee) at all
  • Pool address protected
  • Completely covered software holes
  • Auto restart on falling hash rate
  • Additional adjustable commission function for mining hotels.
  • Day-night mode
  • Rental feature for ashik
  • Mass switching to another pool or stopping miners feature

Overclock the S17(normal version) to 70-74 Th/s with ~3150w consumption 👍

Antminer T17 boost to 55.8 Th/s with ~+-2780-3300w consumption 💪

Разгон Antminer T17 (52шт.) до 53-54 Th/s с общим хешрейтом 2779 Th/s

S17 (Pro version) overclocked to 61.2 Th/s with good downvoltage and consumption of only 2150w

Antminer S9k overclocked to 16.8 Th/s with consumption ~1570-1610w

Antminer S9 accelerates to 16.5 Th/s with 1500w consumption 😎

ready-made profiles for S9 overclocking. For all tastes :).

How to flash ASIC Antminer

The Antminer firmware is installed through the “upgrade” section, and then in the “Mining Configuration” section you can choose the profile that you need. The “Asic Boost” mode you can turn on at will also in this section.

Within an hour after selecting the profile, chip autotuning takes place. Chip autotuning is a function that allows you to automatically adjust the frequency of the chips on the board, lowering the frequency on the red or orange, thus allows you to achieve optimal chip performance.

In some cases the boards hash rate drops to 0, in this case you need to reboot s9 manually, unplug the ashik and pull out all the pins, then plug them back in, solves the problem in most cases. Pressing CTRL+F5 on the main page helps with the 404 error.

When installing the ashik in immersion fluid the ashik s9/s9i/s9j can be overclocked up to 20-21 th/s. In this firmware it is possible to adjust the rotation speed of the fans, as well as the Fan Check function.

Full list of Antminer software Bitmain:

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