The Japanese Cryptocurrency exchange “Bitpoint” returns $ 2.3 million stolen funds

On July 12, 2019, it was reported that the Bitpoint cryptocurrency located in Tokyo had been cracked, and funds for $ 32 million worth of cryptocurrency were stolen. Now, investigations related to hacking have successfully discovered and discovered cryptocurrencies in the amount of 2.3 million dollars that were stolen from the exchange.

The hacking was first discovered after July 11, he noticed problems with the transfer of funds from the exchange. All funds were stolen from a hot wallet that is connected to the Internet. The operator of the exchange Remixpoint Inc. quickly took action and suspended all trading on the exchange.

According to Bitpoint Japan, the funds were found on a foreign exchange that uses the Bitpoint trading system.
Bitpoint’s initial loss is currently $ 29 million.
Although the exchange’s net loss still looks huge because it amounts to $ 29 million, the recovery of $ 2.3 million cryptocurrency is still a welcome relief.

Of the total amount stolen from Bitpoint, $ 23 million belonged to users. while the rest belonged to the exchange itself. In earlier reports, the management company of the exchange guaranteed that they would recover all the lost funds of the users of the exchange.

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