Scalping in cryptocurrency trading

Traders who live for the high have scalping. Do you realize that the charts you are looking at are in the area of 1-minute charts? Do you want to get in and out quickly and easily? Do you want to make transactions quickly, extremely quickly, without any errors or at all? Faster than a shareholder can see a profit and loss statement? And scalping has been designed for you.

Scalper traders often profit from small price changes. Your goal should be to consistently make tiny profits (assuming the number of transactions), not to make big profits on every transaction. Scalpers often use leverage and strict stop losses. Do you want to know how scalpers improve their skills? Follow the links to continue reading.

What are scalpers in trading?

Scalpers are traders who use this strategy.

One of the popular short-term trading methods is called scalping. In fact, intraday trading is one of the most popular trading methods (day trading). Part of this is a powerful set of technical analysis and charting tools, as well as a shorter time frame and faster decision making. Because of this, many experienced traders dedicate part of their trading account to scalping.

Scalpers trade in the stock market, the forex market, and the cryptocurrency market because scalping trading tactics can be used in a number of financial markets. We will go over some important bitcoin scalping information and look at some of the more popular sculpting techniques.

What exactly is scalping?

The goal of a trading approach known as “scalping” is to make money from very modest price changes.

Instead of aiming for big profits and international entry points, scalpers try to profit multiple times from moderate price fluctuations. Scalpers can take advantage of this to take multiple trades quickly while watching for minor price fluctuations and market inefficiencies. The concept is that the balance will eventually reach a significant amount by aggregating and combining these modest transaction revenues.

Due to the short time period, scalpers mostly used technical analysis to develop their trading ideas. Since most fundamental events occur over a long period of time, fundamental analysis is rarely used by scalpers. However, the choice of which asset to trade can be greatly influenced by simple narratives.

Stocks or currencies that see a surge of interest in response to breaking news or important events tend to have large volumes and strong liquidity, at least temporarily. Therefore, instead of larger price movements, scalpers use short-term bursts of volatility. This is a method that is definitely not for everyone because it requires a thorough knowledge of market dynamics and quick thinking (often under stress).

You will need a terminal if you want to start scalping and Tiger Trade is a reputable trading and analytical platform.

Should I use scalping when trading?

It all depends on your personal trading strategy. Individual traders choose short-term tactics as they don’t want to leave positions open while they sleep. This group may include day traders and other short-term investors.

On the other hand, long term traders don’t mind taking positions for many months as they like to develop methods over a long period of time. These entry, profit and stop loss targets can be easily determined and trading activity can be monitored periodically.

Try several approaches to get started, and then decide which one works best. One effective method to test your strategy is to trade futures on the financial futures testing network. You can use it to test your scalping method without putting your money at risk.


The goal of a popular short-term trading method known as “scalping” is to make money from small price changes. It takes a lot of discipline, market knowledge and quick decision making to use this trading strategy.

Is scalping a successful trading method for you? It is important to use a long-term tactic if you are just starting out (buy and hold). Scalping is possibly the best trading method for you in the bitcoin market if you are an experienced racer. But no matter what you do in the financial markets, it is vital to remember the basics of risk management, such as using stop losses and choosing the right position size.

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