AwesomeMiner (Crack): Download CPU/GPU/ASIC/FPGA Miner for Windows/Linux

Awesome miner 7.1.6 Crack (Nvidia & AMD) DOWNLOAD

Awesome miner (Nvidia & AMD CPU GPU miner) – One of the most multifunctional miners supporting graphics cards from both AMD and Nvidia. In addition, there is the possibility of mining on the CPU. Awesome Miner is a web-based interface used for managing and monitoring large-scale mining operations. The brand hit the market in 2014 and gradually became software used by numerous miners. Awesome Miner is suitable for mining farms containing up to 200,000 ASIC miners and 25,000 GPU/CPU miners. More than that, Awesome Miner is capable of detecting the occurring malfunctions in real-time and fixing them automatically. This feature is crucial for mining farm owners as finding the troubled devices without automation is not an easy task at times if the farm has thousands of devices running. The software is compatible with the most popular mining pools and can be set really quickly. The software is good for Windows and Linux. The Mac version and versions for other operating systems are not available. The app requires installation but users can also access the web version from any device. Monitoring is possible thanks to the Cloud Service. The users can get the info through the Telegram notifications or email. Those who use Cloud Service can receive alerts via SMS.

Complete solution to manage and monitor mining operations

Main Features

Awesome Miner supports GPU, CPU, and ASIC mining. To provide full control on the overclocking of the GPU devices, Awesome Miner grants its users with such a feature as Native Overclocking. This feature doesn’t require the use of any third-party software and is good both for AMD and nVidia. What is especially good is that the overclocking parameters can be applied for all the devices on the farm simultaneously. It really makes the setting of the farm much easier. Miners can be divided into miner groups for more comfortable monitoring of the mining process. More than that, it is possible to see the heat maps.

Powerful for large scale mining

Scalable up to 200,000 ASIC miners and 25,000 GPU/CPU miners
Feature rich and flexible to serve high demanding operations

Maximize profit – Minimize downtime

Profit switching based on real time revenue and power consumption
Detection of mining issues with automatic recovery

Optimized Antminer firmware

10% higher performance for Antminer S9 and 40% for Antminer S17
Improved power efficiency and more features

Easy to get started

Start mining within a minute – no signup required
Automatic setup of all popular mining pools with just a click

The dashboard of Awesome Miner displays the current power consumption both for AMD and nVidia GPUs. The power associated with each certain mining software is displayed separately so users are able to consider which mining software is more profitable for them. Apart from power consumption, there is a real-time mining profit, hashrate, and the chosen mining pool displaying on the dashboard. All this info helps to make observations and decide if everything goes well or should something be changed. Among the other properties displayed on the dashboard are temperature, fan speed, overclocking level, and so on. This information can be checked in the GPU tab of the miner interface. Users can manage data associated with the mining process. For instance, they can analyze the full mining history, export CSV data in a form of an Excel file, and view the charts.

Another notable feature is called “Profit switching”. The software analyzes the statistics taken in real-time from multi-coin and single coin mining pools. After the benchmark that checks the properties of the mining rig/farm, users can choose the mining pool based on estimated profit and quickly switch to a different pool for better profit anytime.

Awesome Miner is compatible with dozens of mining apps. The list includes Bminer, CcMiner line, several miners by Claymore, CpuMiner-Opt, Ethminer, a number of Cuda miners, NanoMiner, NBMiner, NoncerPro (both nVidia and AMD versions), PhoenixMiner, the SgMiner line, TT-Miner, XMR-Stak-RX, XMRig miners, and many others.  This mining software is capable of mining over 100 cryptocurrencies. Many of the coins available for mining with Awesome Miner can be exchanged here. Those who hate any limits are free to add custom solutions and widen the list of supported algorithms, mining pools, currencies, and mining software themselves. It means that theoretically, people who find Awesome Miner convenient enough can use it for any kind of mining through customization.

The app is compatible with the following mining pools: 2Miners, BlockMasters, CoinFly, Ethashpool, Mining Pool Hub, Nanopool, NiceHash, Slush Pool, and many others. 

Awesome Miner supports most of the ASIC miners. It can be used by the owners of the following brands: Aisen, Baikal, Bitmain Antminer (over 40 models), Blackminer, Dayun, Canaan Avalon, FusionSilicon, Futurebit, GekkoScience, Halong DragonMint, Hyperbit, IBeLink, Innosilicon (over 10 models), MicroBT Whatsminer (10 models), Obelisk, OwMiner, PinIdea, and Spondoolies. The platform is open to accept requests to add the other ASIC miners to the list. The website notes that some of the miners not included in the list will probably work well with Awesome Miner.

The ASIC miners owners can use the External Profit Switching feature to avoid revenue holdbacks. The Awesome Miner users can switch the priorities of the mining pools they mine on. By default, the priority is set based on the profitability of the pool. Bitmain Antiminer users looking for an increase of hashrate can opt to benefit from the Awesome Miner Antminer Firmware feature, a custom firmware provided by Awesome Miner. The feature improves the hashrate and helps to save energy making mining more efficient. For a number of Antminer models, the feature is free. The increase in hashrate varies from 10 to 40 percent depending on the model. The devices can be overclocked and underclocked. Interestingly, the feature is very user-friendly, as users only have to specify the desired hashrate. The rest is done by the Awesome Miner software. The manual setting is also available. 

The parallel mining concept utilized by Awesome Miner helps to avoid interruptions while mining. Awesome Miner allows checking the current power usage of the active ASIC miners and chip performance information. The physical miner can be detected via initiating a LED flash. Awesome Miner has an inbuilt antivirus that can scan the mining devices. Antminer devices can be put to a sleep mode to save power. The configuration of the settings can be saved and restored when needed. All the preferences can be applied to any number of miners. 

Awesome Miner is opened to automatization. The users can set the triggers (certain conditions that automatically call the set action). The triggered actions can be the reset of the miner, fixing the issues, or providing notifications. For that purpose, the user needs to set the rules in the Rules tab. Some of the rules are already provided by Awesome Miner while others can be created by the platform users. The examples of possible rules are “mine only when the PC is not used” or “reboot the Antminer if the chip fails”. The commands for triggers and actions can be written via the inbuilt #C script engine. The external applications can monitor the info from Awesome Miner accounts using HTTP API. 

How to Get Started?

The sign up requires choosing the subscription plan. The price varies from zero to 4$ per month. The user should specify the number of miners she/he is going to use and provide an email address. The subscription plan can be changed via the Upgrade button on the Sign Up page.

Then the user must pay for the chosen subscription and receive the code sent to email. Usually, it is sent in minutes after the payment is complete. The registration code shared with other users is blocked without a refund. One user can associate the code with up to 4 devices. If one needs to have the same code for more devices, she/he should reach out to the support team.

The user should decide on whether she/he wants to set an external miner, a managed miner, a network scan, or a managed profit miner. Those who want to mine using CPU should opt to set a managed miner. Then, the user must provide a reward address and other information associated with the worker. The next important step is the benchmark. To do that, one needs to proceed to the Tool tab and find the Benchmark option. The mining devices are scanned in order to find the most profitable mining configuration. 


The use of Awesome Miner requires buying the mining license. It is possible to use up to 2 miners without buying a subscription. The paid options are the monthly subscription ($4 per month) and the yearly one ($36 per year). These prices are relevant for those who have 2 miners. There are discounts applied to those who use more miners. Those who have at least 25 miners can enjoy a 10% discount. The owners of over 100 miners have a 30% discount. 400 miners provide an opportunity to pay half of the price. 1000 miners owners pay only 35% of the price. The maximum discount is 75%. It is applied to users that have over 5,000 miners.

For the Antminer firmware users, the mining fees vary from 2% to 3%.

The 3% fee allows mining without paying for the license. Those who use Antminer firmware with a 2% fee have to pay for an Awesome Miner license. 

Is Awesome Miner Safe?

Is Awesome Miner that awesome when it comes to safety? The short answer is yes. Judging by the user reports, Awesome Miner is doing a good job providing a safe and smooth service. The years have proved that Awesome Miner is not a scam. It is considered that Awesome Miner is one of the best known solutions for remote mining management. The info and discussions about it can be found on numerous platforms, mostly, on BitcoinTalk.

The software is working on the users’ networks. It doesn’t contact third parties which makes the service more secure. The protection measures available for users are set to let the mining farm owners control access to the operations. The strangers cannot access the rigs. Management of huge crypto mining enterprises usually requires collective access to the mining dashboard. On Awesome Miner the mining rig/farm owner can limit access via authentication checks and password requests.


Version 8.0.1
 GPU mining
  - Improved output from Diagnostics
  - Heat map for display of temperatures and hashrates of miners. Heat maps can be created from a Miner Group in the Groups tab.
 Mining software
  - Miniz Miner 1.6v6
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.10
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.5.1. This version is configured differently compared to older versions
  - Lolminer implementation updated to use algorithm parameter instead of coin parameter
  - Correction to Fan Speed trigger for ASIC miners
  - Correction to wallet balance total in case one of the wallets failed to update correctly

Version 8.0
   Awesome Miner and Remote Agent now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later.
   - This .NET version is already included in Windows 10 since April 2018. Run 'winver' to check the current Windows 10 version. If the version is 1803 or above, all is fine and no action is required.
   - For Windows 7, Windows 8 and older versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server, please download and install:
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Antminer firmware S17, S17+, T17, T17+ version 2.0.3 supported and released
  - The rule action to set Firmware mining profile has been improved to allow any mining profile property to be set
 ASIC mining
  - The operations to set Default Pools, Reboot, Change firmware and set web password have been redesigned to work on multiple kinds of ASIC miners
  - NOTE: If using Innosilicon, Avalon 10-series or Whatsminer, please open the Properties of the External Miner and select the correct ASIC hardware type. The miner credentials are also entered for the External Miner Properties or globally in the Options dialog, Mining Settings section.
  - Avalon 10-series ASIC integration improved with: Default Pools, LED on/off, Pause/Resume mining, Set network settings
  - Avalon ASIC support for latest firmware versions
  - Whatsminer ASIC integration improved with: Reboot, Restart, Default Pools, LED on/off, Pause/Resume mining, Change password, Firmware updates, Set network settings. Requires August 2020 firmware.
  - Antminer S19 improvements, including operations to pause (sleep) and resume mining
 GPU mining
  - Display of PCI Bus ID on the GPU tab
  - Display of GPU memory size and GPU memory manufacturer on the GPU tab
  - The GPU information dialog (View GPU Details) can also show information for Linux based systems
  - Detection of nVidia Cuda 10.2 and 11.0 to support selection of mining software with dependencies on recent Cuda versions
  - Miner groups: The miners in a group can be sorted by IP address
  - Miner groups: Display of ideal hashrate. Configurable in the Options dialog, General section
  - Miner groups: Display the number of hashing miners (miners with a non-zero hashrate). Configurable in the Options dialog, General section
  - Miner groups: Miners can be added to Virtual miner groups via the Miners tab, via the context menu, Group section
  - Miner groups: Virtual miner groups can be opened from the Groups tab - opened in Miners tab with a filter for the selected virtual miner group
  - Miner groups: Use colors to indicate if a miner group (on the group page) has one or more miners not hashing or not running at all
  - Filtering: Filtering of miners to only show miners with zero hashrate
  - Filtering: Improved miner list filtering where filtering can be applied on a number of properties. Configurable via the toolbar Find, Property filter.
  - Filtering: Improved miner list filtering by introducing profiles, where filters can be saved with a name and activated with a click
  - Filtering: The miner list indicates if a filter is active, including a button to clear all active filters
  - Information column: Display ASIC chip temperature
  - Information column: Display ASIC firmware version for more ASIC models
  - Add miner wizard: Network scan supports IP ranges to be entered like 192.168.0-2.100-199
  - Add miner wizard: External Miners can also be added with IP ranges, to add a large number of miners at once
  - For large mining operations where the concept of Global command queue is displayed, use right click to be display a context menu where the queue can be cleared
  - Export of all selected miners and their current status to CSV. The feature can be acccessed via the toolbar Tools -> Export -> Export to CSV
  - The dashboard will display Pool balance, Wallet balance and Exchange balance when the coin is Bitcoin
  - Mining history can store statistics in 1 hour intervals instead of 5 minutes, if configured
  - Permissions to access Virtual Groups can be assigned to user groups
  - Improvements when using multiple user accounts in the Windows application, where it's made possible to sign out and sign in with another account (via the Menu).
  - Configurable permission: Financial details, to define if revenue, profit, and balance should be displayed
  - Configurable permission: Manage user groups, to define if groups can be added, modified and removed
  - Configurable permission: Organize miners, to define if miners can be moved to other groups
  - When a user is assigned access to all miners, all virtual groups will also be included
  - Added wallet balance support for ARRR and updated for KMD
  - Pool balance for F2pool
  - Zergpool regions configurable
  - The Total group in Groups tab can be hidden. Right click on the area of groups to show or hide this group. If hidden, the group will be hidden in the web interface as well.
  - Number of coins to show with exchange rate the status bar can be configured (from 0 - 20). The default is still to show 15 coins. Configurable in the Options dialog, Coins section.
  - Variables (to be used by rules) can be view and configured in the Properties of a miner
 User interface
  - Improved use of metric units for large hashrate and power usage
  - External Miner Properties organized to have the most common settings available in the General section while less common settings have been moved to the Advanced section
  - Summary tab for a miner has been reorganized to give a better overview
  - ASIC tools menu has been reorganized to match the improved support of ASIC miners for several of the operations
  - Rule action menu for ASIC related operations has been reorganized in a similar way
  - Operations performed via the ASIC tools menu with progress display will now list all miners with their configured ASIC hardware before any operation is performed
  - Added more coin images
  - The feature to move miners to a group is made available via the web interface
  - Web interface can redirect to a the requested page after signing in
  - Ideal hashrate and number of hashing miners is displayed on the Groups page in the web interface
  - Adjusted timeout values for ASIC miner web requests
 Mining software
  - CryptoDredge 0.25.1
  - XmRig 6.3.3
  - GMiner 2.22
  - T-Rex 0.16.2
  - Nanominer 1.10.1
  - Lolminer 1.07
  - Bminer 16.3
  - Miniz 1.6v5
  - PhoenixMiner 5.1c
  - Correction to display of GPU PCI Bus ID when using automatic mapping to system monitoring
  - Correction to web dashboard circle graph
  - Correction to Mining Pool Hub pool balance
  - Correction to Remote Agent running on Fedora Linux with 7 digit process identifiers
  - Correction to reading of nVidia power usage on Linux
  - Correction to NbMiner Ethereum mining protocol for

Version 7.8.5
 ASIC mining
  - Managed Hosts used as Remote Proxies will include the number of External Miners using it
 GPU mining
  - GPU selection improved for systems with a mix of AMD and nVidia GPUs when mining with NbMiner and WildRig Miner
  - A rule can be configured to execute the list of actions of another rule
  - A rule can be configured to execute the actions for a fixed list of miners instead of using the triggered miners
  - Adding a new user defined rule will enable it by default
  - Updated block explorer for BTCP for wallet balance
  - Added Nicehash Cuckarooz29 pool
 Mining software
  - Bminer 16.2.12
  - Gminer 2.20
  - XmRig 6.3.1
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.9
  - Nanominer 1.9.6
  - Correction to display for number of active miners in the group summary

Version 7.8.4
 ASIC mining
  - Antminer Z15 supported with correct hashrate display
 GPU mining
  - Bulk edit of number of expected GPUs, for use with Device Count trigger to detecting missing GPUs
  - The Device Count trigger made more flexible to support trigger conditions not only on missing devices but also when the number of devices are on the expected level
 Mining software
  - Add mining software: XMR-Stak-RX
  - Gminer 2.15
  - Lolminer 1.04
  - XmRig 6.2.3

Version 7.8.3
 GPU mining
  - Added additional mining algorithms
  - The Information column can be configured to display the Antminer ASIC voltage
  - The Mining History will ignore unrealistic temperature readings reported by mining software or ASIC miners
 Mining software
  - GMiner 2.13
  - Lolminer 1.03
  - NoncerPro nVidia Miner 3.3.1

Version 7.8.2
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - User interface update: Added Mining Profile configuration property for Reset Profile
  - Operations can be performed on groups (both standard groups and Virtual miner groups) on the Groups tab in the same way operations are performed on the Miners tab
  - The groups on the Groups tab will display power efficiency and average miner revenue if configured
 Mining software
  - GMiner 2.12
  - Lolminer 1.02
  - WildRig Miner 0.25.2
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.14.3

Version 7.8.1
 GPU mining
  - Support for BeamHashIII mining
  - Virtual miner groups - displayed and configured on the Groups tab
    - Virtual miner groups are not displayed on the Miners tab and not related to the primary group structure
    - A Virtual miner group can include any number of miners and miner groups. Multiple Virtual miner groups can include the same miners.
    - Virtual miner groups can be used for miner selection for rules
    - Rule action 'Virtual miner group' to either add or remove miners from a Virtual miner group
  - Mining history setting for usage display in percent or time is saved
  - Hide secondary hashrate for mining software with dual mining support in case dual mining isn't used
  - If miner revenue calculations are configured to consider the average hashrate the power usage should also be adjusted to match the average hashrate relative the current hashrate
 Mining software
  - GMiner 2.11
  - Lolminer 1.01
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.7
  - Bminer 16.2.6
  - Miniz miner 1.6v3
  - Correction to Miner Group Summary setting that wasn't saved correctly when restarting the application

Version 7.8
 ASIC mining
  - Improved support for monitoring of Antminers running BraiinsOS BOSminer
 GPU mining
  - Added additional algorithms
  - Multiple rules can be selected and removed in a single operation
  - Improved import and export of rules
  - Configuration to ignore rules on startup. Configurable in the Options dialog, Advanced section
  - All rules can be paused via the toolbar Tools -> Rules -> Pause all rules. The rules can be resumed using the same menu.
  - Mining History can report usage in either percent or time (previously only percent was displayed)
  - Miner Group summary can display average revenue per miner. Configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
  - Miner revenue calculations can be configured to use the average miner hashrate instead of the current hashrate (default). Configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
  - List active rules for a specific Miner Group. Available via the context menu for a miner group, Group -> Rules.
 Mining software
  - NbMiner 31.3
  - XmRig Miner 6.2.2
  - Bminer 16.2.4
  - T-Rex Miner 0.15.8
  - Lolminer 1.0

Version 7.7.6
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Antminer firmware S17, S17+, T17, T17+ version 2.0.1 released
  - Added configuration for the new Mining Profile properties in version 2.0.1
  - Updated user interface for Mining Profile configuration
  - Notification action can be configured with webhook HTTP headers
  - Correction to display for current mining profile

Version 7.7.5
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - List Mining Profile power usage for Antminer S17 and T17.
  - Progress column adds support for expression 'miningHelper.GetBtcPerDay()'
  - Information column adds Revenue in USD/day and Profit in USD/day
  - Webhook action can set custom HTTP headers
  - Configurable if Dashboard should count disabled miners in total number
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.7
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.6
  - Correction to system uptime trigger
  - Correction to license usage check for subscriptions
  - Correction to Prohashing pool balance

Version 7.7.4
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - The ASIC tab displays the ideal hashrate per device
 ASIC mining: 
  - The ASIC tab displays the fan speed in a separate column
  - The trigger for Miner State includes additional disconnected stats to consider
 Mining software
  - XmRig Miner 6.2
  - Wildrig Miner 0.25.1
  - Gminer 2.10
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.5
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.14.2
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.6
  - PhoenixMiner 5.0e

Version 7.7.3
 ASIC mining
  - Pool changes supported for Antminers running BraiinsOS BOSminer
  - Rule variables via Check Variable trigger and Set Variable action. Can for example be used as counters for how many times a rule has been executed for a specific miner.
  - Rule action to move miners to miner group
  - Tag filtering can be set to Inverted mode, to show all miners that don't meet the filter criteria
 User interface
  - Miner list can be sorted by average hashrate
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.5
  - Correction to sorting by time in the list of notifications for a specific miner

Version 7.7.2
 GPU mining
   - Improved Device Count trigger. A Managed Miner (and Managed Profit Miner) can be configured for an expected number of mining devices (GPUs, CPUs) in the Properties, Advanced section, of the miner. The Device Count trigger can be configured to trigger if the number of reported mining devices are less than expected.
   - Diagnostics improved to detect and display additional Visual C++ runtime versions installed
  - New rule trigger for system uptime
  - Rules can be configured to limit the number of executions per day
  - The Information column can be configured to display the revenue and profit in BTC per day, no matter which primary display currency is being used.
  - The Information column can be configured to display number of mining devices
 User interface
  - Operations to expand all and collapse all miner groups
 Mining software
  - PhoenixMiner 5.0b
  - Bminer 16.2.1
  - T-Rex Miner 0.15.7
  - XmRig miner 5.11.2
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.3
  - Correction to profit switcher calculations for Luxor Equihash pool
  - Correction to WildRig running on Linux

Version 7.7.1
  - Awesome Miner API endpoint for reading and setting GPU clocking properties
  - Luxor Mining Pool Equihash pool profit display
  - Nicehash account balance. Requires to be configured in the Options dialog, Balance section
  - Mining Dutch pool list updated
  - When adding multiple External Miners by a list of IP addresses, any duplicates compared to what's already added in Awesome Miner will be ignored
 Mining software
  - Kawpow Miner 1.2.3
  - Miniz Miner 1.5t3
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.13.2
  - WildRig Miner 0.24.1
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.1
  - NanoMiner 1.9.4
  - Z-enemy Miner 2.6.2
  - Correction to ASIC chip ideal hashrate calculations for Awesome Miner Antminer S9 Dual mode firmware
  - Correction to GPU selection using Claymore Ethereum Miner in systems with a mix of AMD and nVidia GPUs
  - Correction to Mining Profile selection for rule action and added missing 65 TH mining profile selection for Antminer S17 running latest firmware version

Version 7.7
 ASIC mining
  - Set custom configuration properties adds support for setting pool properties using property name expressions like: pools[0].url
 GPU mining
  - Only show mining software version when known and not when defining a custom software version
  - The feature to automatically map GPUs to system monitoring will always be enabled
  - Russian language support. The language is configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
  - Antminer feature 'Set custom configuration properties' available via rule actions
 User interface
  - Added support for sorting on pool in the miner list
 Mining software
  - Added software: Kawpow Miner 1.2.2
  - T-Rex miner 1.15.6
  - WildRig Miner 0.23.2
  - SrbMiner-Multi 0.4.4
  - NanoMiner 1.9.3
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.13.1
  - TT-Miner 5.0.1

Version 7.6
 ASIC mining
  - Fan speed display for BraiinsOS BOSminer
 GPU mining
  - Configuration of time span for mining process restart on frequent crashes. Configurable in the Options dialog, Mining Settings.
  - RVN coin prepared for Kawpow algorithm. Fork and algorithm change on May 6th, 18:00 GMT. Coin statistics may not be correct for some period of time after the fork.
  - Support for improved concurrency when using large scale mining operations. The concurrency level can now be increased to 200 in the Options dialog, Advanced section.
 User interface
  - Sorting of the Progress column can sort on the value displayed as part of a custom expression
  - Updated Ethereum, Verge and Bitcoin Cash block explorers for wallet balance 
 Mining software
  - NanoMiner 1.9.1
  - T-Rex miner 1.15.4
  - NbMiner 30.2
  - WildRig Miner 0.20.6
  - Z-enemy Miner 2.5
  - Bminer 16.2
  - Correction to the PROTO parameter for Phoenix Miner when mining UBQ

Version 7.5.5
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - New firmware version for Antminer L3+/L3++. After the upgrade, a Mining Profile must be applied for the Antminer to operate at the correct hashrate.
 ASIC mining
  - Temperature display for BraiinsOS BOSminer
  - Improved log file rotation
 Mining software
  - Gminer 2.09
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - NbMiner 30.0
  - Managed Profit Switcher correction for a specific scenario where Phoenix Miner is used in combination with thresholds
  - Correction to profit factors calculations for user defined pools in specific scenarios

Version 7.5.4
  - Display of power efficiency in the miner list and displayed as an average per miner group. Configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
 Mining software
  - TT-miner 4.0.0
  - XmRig 5.11.1
  - Correction to triggers detecting the current Firmware Mining Profile for Antminer S17/T17
  - Correction to profit factors calculations for user defined pools in specific scenarios

Version 7.5.3
  - Added HTTP API for modifying configuration file properties on Antminers
  - The Information column can include power efficiency expressed as Watt/TH
  - Show Antminer firmware date on the Summary tab for a selected miner
  - The use of MiningWorker variable in the pool password field can be used even when 'Add to worker name' is disabled on the miner
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - XmRig 5.11

Version 7.5.2
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Introducing firmware for Antminer S17+
  - Introducing firmware for Antminer T17+
 ASIC mining
  - Antminer K5 supported with temperature display and device details
 GPU mining
  - Improved support for Ubuntu 20.04 for Remote Agent on Linux
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.3
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.8

Version 7.5.1
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Make the existing feature Default Pools (via web) available for Antminers running the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware, in case SSH isn't preferred
  - Improved display of temperatures when a hashboard isn't working
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.2
  - Gminer 2.06
  - RhMiner 2.3
  - NbMiner 29.1
  - Correction to hashrate display for Claymore Neoscrypt miner

Version 7.5
 ASIC mining
  - Innosilicon miners can be rebooted via the web interface. The External Miner has a new property 'Miner type' where Innosilicon can be selected, required for the Innosilicon specific reboot operation.
  - The External Miner property for Avalon 10 miners has been moved to be a part of the new 'Miner type' property, where Avalon 10 is one of the options.
 GPU mining
  - IMPORTANT: Awesome Miner will by default automatically map GPU monitoring details to the GPUs reported by the mining software, unless manual 'Map to system monitoring' is used. To disable the new behavior, go to the Options dialog, GPU Settings section, where 'Automatic device mapping' can be disabled.
  - Improved device mapping when using a mix of GPU models
  - Added trigger for looking at the current Mining Profile for Antminers running the Awesome Miner firmware
 User interface
  - The list of active mining devices for a miner can be selected and copied to clipboard
  - Using the new subscription based licenses with Managed Miners, only one license is consumed per host instead of per miner instance.
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.7
  - XmRig 5.10.0
  - SrbMiner 0.4.1
  - WildRig miner 0.20.5b
  - Gminer 2.04
  - NbMiner 28.1
  - Bminer 16.1
  - Correction to pool and worker name display on the Pools tab in specific dual mining scenarios
  - Correction to dual mining revenue calculations for specific pool combinations

Version 7.4
 ASIC mining
  - Network scan for Antminers supports a new mode where the hostname of the miner can be defined as part of the scan - also linking the hostname with the External Miner
  - Add multiple External Miners at once by specifying a list of IP addresses in the Add Miner wizard
  - Support copy of IP addresses to clipboard from the list of results when performing ASIC operations like Default Pools or Configure API Access
  - Antminer IP Reporter feature, where pressing the 'IP Report' button on an Antminer. This feature can be accessed via the toolbar Tools -> ASIC Tools.
 GPU mining
  - Edit GPU Clocking Profiles directly from the Benchmark dialog
  - Added additional algorithms
  - Improved device power usage detection for GPU mining benchmark
  - New trigger for mining uptime. Can be used to define behaviors after the mining has been running for a certain period of time.
  - Improved trigger 'Detect dead/sick device' to detect ASIC chip marked as Red by the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - The profit switcher can be configured for a second switching interval with another threshold level. Example: If the primary interval is 3 minutes with a 20% threshold, the secondary interval can be 8 minutes with a 10% threshold.
  - The profit switcher for External Miners supports the setting for Minimum time on pool
  - A profit profile can be configured to override the global value for Minimum time on pool. Can for example be used to switch pools for ASIC miners less often than GPU miners.
  - The information column can be configured to show the notes entered for a miner, mining software, ASIC description and ASIC details
 Mining software
  - Gminer 2.01, incl. dual mining of Ethereum + Handshake
  - NbMiner 27.7
  - XmRig 5.9
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - SrbMiner 0.4.0
  - NoncerPro nVidia Miner 3.3.0
  - Correction to GPU Clocking Profile Groups on Linux
  - Correction to benchmark of Handshake algorithm for NbMiner and Gminer
  - Correction to Phoenix Miner algorithms
  - Correction to main window behavior to prevent it from staying on top
  - Correction to API reports taking long time to generate due to slow ASIC miner responses
  - Correction to display of mining software uptime when more than one day
  - Correction to Task Scheduler setup in environments where the computer name and user name is identical
  - Improved behavior in case the computer time is being changed
  - Improved fan speed display for Awesome Miner Antminer firmware with fan check turned off

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