Tether: “All USDT Tokens Are Fully Reserved”

Tether rejects all findings in the study and states that “all USDT tokens are fully backed up.”

Tether: “All USDT Tokens Are Fully Reserved”

The question of whether the USDT is fully secured has long been the subject of controversy. The company has repeatedly promised to conduct a full audit of its reserves. But in the end, she actually stopped working with the auditor, providing a report to the law firm. It stated that on certain days, “Tether’s liabilities did not exceed the amount of assets in reserve.”

Tether on Thursday, November 7, published a response to a research article by John Griffin. Professor of Finance at the University of Texas at Austin, and Amin Shams from Ohio State University, calling it “a deeply erroneous job.” The article claims that one account on the Bitfinex exchange was behind “manipulations in the bitcoin market at the end of 2017.”


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