Crypto Mining on hard disks (HDD/SSD)

Crypto Mining on hard disks (HDD/SSD)

A new surge of interest in mining cryptocurrencies was caused by the bull market of 2020-2021. There was a shortage of components due to the increased demand for video cards and server power supplies. The energy reserves of many countries have been depleted as a result of the popularity of the mining industry. The Government has begun to outlaw or restrict this kind of behavior. As a result, users started looking for cheaper ways to make money. In 2022, one of these opportunities was mining on hard drives. Despite the fact that this device was invented in 2014, it has almost never been used due to its low efficiency. The situation has changed since 2022. Experts say that over the next ten years, “green” currencies can compete with bitcoin.

Mining on a hard disk

Graphics are created using the internal memory of devices (mining digital currencies on hard drives). Instead of being calculated on a video card, as in traditional mining, the hash value must be found in the database. The health check process is performed as follows. The following characteristics of mining on hard drives:

1) An employee is awarded a bonus for providing hard disk space. 2) Information is divided into information portions and stored on rafts. 3) The potential reward of the miner increases with the increase in the size of the information on the disk.

You can start earning cryptocurrencies on your personal computer. Later you will be able to expand the farm. On a regular PC, miners install 10 or more hard drives.

Types of hard drives

A new cryptocurrency mining technology called hard mining appeared in 2014 with the development of a health check algorithm. Later, the creators added other types of PoC, including proof of storage (for which data storage is paid) and proof of extraction capability (“proof of download”). In 2022, two different types of system disks will be used for mining money:

1) The disk drive. The functioning of magnetic disks with a reading head serves as the basis for the mechanism. In 1957, the first hard drives were used for commercial purposes. These are reliable hard drives. However, there is no way to increase the low data processing speed. 2) SDD. In 2008, the technology was created. SDD only has a chipset, so since there are no moving parts in it, the data transfer rate is much higher. The disadvantage of these drives is a small amount of internal memory. The hard disk is used only in read-only mode after the resource is exhausted (the entered information is read without the possibility of saving new data).

Choosing a hard drive for mining

The following variables affect how profitable is the mining of digital currency in the internal memory of the computer:

1) The volume of the controller buffer. The system can get this information without using an internal disk (analog RAM). 2) Internal disk volume. The potential profit increases with the increase in the amount of disk space, measured in GB. 3) Data processing speed. The indication is controlled by the internal memory buffer.

When choosing a digital storage device for mining, you should take into account the ratio of price and memory capacity. The payback period is reduced the less, the lower the cost of one GB. It is also necessary to take into account the reliability of the model. Some developers offer a 60-month warranty. Compared to their counterparts, these hard drives have a longer service life.

What digital currencies can be mined

Since the introduction of the Chia currency in 2021, the cost of hard drives has increased dramatically. According to many commentators, its appearance heralds the beginning of a new era for the mining sector. This enthusiasm is due to at least two fundamental factors, namely the technological prowess of the emerging cryptocurrency and environmental friendliness. After the success of Chia, the foundation increased its investments in additional “green” initiatives.

Such currencies will be available for mining on storage devices in 2022:

1) Chia. One of the coins with the highest demand for hard drive mining. This asset costs more than similar products offered in reputable markets. Chia can be exchanged for stable currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. (

2) Signum(SIGNA). On your hard drive, you can start mining from anywhere. The speed of data processing determines the salary of an employee. ( )

3) SIA Blockchain is a decentralized data storage system. It can be used by any coin holder. The smart contract confirms that the file has been stored for a certain period of time before transferring money to the hosting. Sia developers get free storage from miners. Any value can be specified. On the other hand, the high price constrains demand. The gadget must be constantly connected to the network as needed. ( )

4) Storj. The user is rewarded for the amount of hard disk space used and the number of disk accesses. Prerequisites are a static IP address and more than 500 GB of storage. ( )

5) Filecoin. The length of the file store and the consistency of the file store are two testaments to network performance. The participant receives a reward for meeting these two requirements. (


Hard disk storage is rewarded by hard disk miners. You need to set up a computer in order to mine bitcoin. The sequence of events looks like this:

1) Download a cryptocurrency wallet for the selected coin from the developer’s website. 2) Save the storage on your laptop. 3) The mining client must be loaded. Install the app. 4)Update Java. Edit this according to the position of the bat script, if necessary. The file is available for download from the developer’s website. 5) Open a wallet for cryptocurrencies. Open the run file to get started. bat, then create an account and save the first word in a safe place. 6)Open the mining client and enter the mnemonic code into the passphrase file ein.txt when the download is completed. 7)Add the account ID to address.txt file. You have to double-click run dump address to get it. 8) Run the file.bat. Set the computer parameters (RAM, account number, number of processor cores, and other data). 9) Run the run generate.bat file. The creation of the scene begins. The number of cores used and processor performance affect the duration of the procedure.


In 2014, the consensus health validation method debuted as a replacement for the health validation method. Burstcoin was the first coin on the PoC. This undertaking did not arouse much sympathy. In 2021, when the Signum network corporation made “green” coins popular, interest in BURST began to grow.

When blocking coins, a distinctive POC + consensus algorithm is used, which increases the profit from mining. To do this, you must block the extracted cryptocurrency in your wallet. This process is comparable to reinvested income.

Mining pool statistics predict that Signum will overtake the top network in 2022. Mining cryptocurrencies is harmless to the environment, which is their fundamental advantage. Finding a block requires 0.002% of the energy used for Bitcoin mining. As a result, many analysts emphasize the strong growth potential of the coin. The project will be promoted as a result of the opening of the NFT Marketplace and the newly published list of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges.

To get SIGNA, you need to do the following:

1) Download a BTDEX wallet with a built-in miner from the developer’s website. No application installation is required. You may need the latest version of JavaScript. 2) Run the repository installation file that was placed in the root directory of the disk. 3) A dialog box for creating a wallet will appear. Come up with a password. The first word must be written on a tangible medium. 4) Check the mnemonic system. Select The Next One. Now the wallet can be used. 5) Create rafts and start digging. Go to the Wallet Mining tab. Decide which folder will be used for cryptocurrency mining. 6) In a new window, enter the PC settings (disk size, RAM and the number of processor cores for mining). For the operation of the operating system, it is necessary to leave the computer turned on at least 10% of the power. 7) Select “Start creating graphics” from the menu. Wait for the synchronization to complete. 8) Select “Pool selection” from the menu. To mine coins, select a pool. Walemo and OxyPool will be the most popular services in 2022, but not all of them will be mine. 9) Select “Join pool” from the menu. To do this, you must transfer a certain number of subscription coins to the service address. On free taps you can get or purchase them. 10) Select “Start Mining”.

The cryptocurrency is immediately sent to the user’s wallet after he has accumulated the necessary amount. 100 SIGNA coins will be raffled in 2022 as a credit for the mined block. In June, the market price of the cryptocurrency is $0.0027.

Mining on hard drives is profitable.

As the industry as a whole slows down, component prices rise, and network complexity increases, the payback period of hard drives has grown to three years in 2022. The hard disk mining Profitability calculator is used to determine the likely return on investment.

You must provide the following data to determine the possible profit from mining:

1) Coin designation. 2) The size of the data storage on the hard disk. 3) The cost of electricity.


Working with a hard drive, as well as with a visual map, will be possible in 2022. This company, however, is not profitable. The downturn in the market and high equipment costs have increased the payback period for farmers to more than 3 years. Many people think that it is now more profitable to buy cryptocurrencies than to mine them. As a result, this path is unpopular.

In the next few years, analysts foresee a sharp increase in prices for green coins. Experts say that mining digital money on a hard drive is the first scalable blockchain technology that will soon become mainstream. This is a worthy replacement for expensive and energy-intensive mining on video cards and ASICs. As a result, profitability should be expected to increase over the next 5-10 years. Miners should expect modest but steady growth, rather than relying on quick profits.

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