Watchdog in cryptocurrency mining, connection and setup

Cryptocurrency mining is a continuous activity. The farm must work around the clock to receive a stable income. But there is no damage coverage for the device. Software errors, overclocking, and prolonged exposure to high temperatures can all lead to downtime. When mining, use a watchdog timer to reduce this danger. Programs resume automatically when the power is turned off, the system freezes, or the blue screen is displayed.

Mining with Watchdog

Computers in the mining sector are working at full capacity. Watchdog is used to prevent equipment breakdowns. The application monitors the state of the farm and restarts it according to the specified parameters (if the GPU freezes, the GPU does not work properly, the Internet connection fails). In 2022, miners will use 2 categories of controllers:

1)Software. The program commands the computer to reboot. 2)Hardware. At the hardware level, the unit reboots. For this it is connected to the power or reset buttons.

It is believed that Watchdog timers of the second kind are more reliable. Shorting the cable by the hardware controller is equivalent to physically pressing the reset button. Therefore, if the program is ineffective, it is recommended to use this type of monitor on a PC with a high load. Although you can cook it yourself, it is easier and more convenient to buy it ready-made. The gadget will cost 500-700 rubles in July 2022.

A timeout can be set, which lasts from 10 to 1270 seconds. The controller restarts the system if the operating system does not send any instructions. There is no need to set minimum values. As a result, a new cycle begins. To fix the problem, you need to disable the controller.

Principle of operation

The OD farm management program functions in cooperation with the controller. The tool allows you to monitor the status of the processor and video cards using the following

How can I purchase

Watchdog monitors can be purchased online and in selected computer stores. The product is available for purchase on AliExpress.

Connecting and configuring the Watchdog

To set up the timer, it must be connected to the motherboard via USB Type A and PBD 10 ports. For devices that have a PBD 10 connection, an adapter is required. If everything is completed successfully, the block indicator will glow red. In order to configure it, you must:

1) Download PCWatchDog control application from official source (

2) Install the driver in place (this is possible without connecting the device to the central board).

3) Include PC WatchDog in the start directory.

4) Connect the reset and power buttons to the timer wires.

5) Run the control application for the PC WatchDog.

6) Enter the timeout in seconds after which the reboot should occur in the Timeout column.

7) Enter the address of the resource to check the network connection.

8) Add the miner program to the field designated for monitoring the program.

9) Select Monitor video card to monitor the status of the video card.

10) Click the Save button to save your changes.

Watchdog test

It is recommended to test the functionality of the device after installation and configuration. This requires the following:

1) Run the watchdog application.

2) The bottom window shows the system time, network connection and video card status during normal operation.

3) Click the “Test” button to test.

Restarting the farm will take some time. If this is not the case, make sure that the reset and power buttons are connected.


The constant presence of the user is not necessary for the normal operation of the farm. However, miners should take precautions to ensure continuous currency mining. The system may freeze as a result of high loads, overheating and software failures. Farms are restarted automatically using a watchdog timer.

In 2022, miners will have access to a number of types of watchdog monitors. Optocouplers are the most reliable and practical. These devices are cheap, easy to install and work with both Windows and Linux. To free up RAM, the controller can be configured to restart the farm once a week.

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