How to speed up the process of mining cryptocurrencies

The complexity of the blockchain increases with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. As a result, after two or three months, even a powerful device for mining coins will cease to function effectively. Miners can cut costs, strengthen the hashrate, or consider ways to accelerate mining to maintain the profitability of the company. Manufacturers allow an increase in productivity by 30-40%. However, forced acceleration leads to an increase in energy consumption and heat loss. The miner must choose which option is more profitable: upgrading the equipment with a more powerful power supply and cooling, or strengthening existing equipment.

The mission of accelerating mining.

Mining of cryptocurrencies occurs automatically. To determine the optimal hash solution, computers use calculations. The profitability of the miner depends on the speed of calculations. When determining the economic benefits of the process, several elements are taken into account, including:

1) Equipment pricing. As a rule, miners include in their estimates a discount of 50% when selling equipment on the secondary market.

2) Electricity prices. Every month the bills have to be paid. As long as the proceeds from the sale of assets allow them to pay for electricity, miners continue to work in difficult conditions.

3) The complex nature of digital networks. The finest coin indicator is constantly expanding. As a result, miners are forced to increase productivity or speed up the operation of equipment.

4) The value of digital currency in relation to paper. The calculations usually take into account the average price of the asset. Many pool players collect coins and predict a multiple increase (with the exception of funds to cover expenses).

You need to achieve the highest hashrate with less power consumption and available hardware to maximize mining speed. Some users go outside and buy powerful equipment. Others use less efficient equipment that needs to be optimized.

Frequency selection.

The following methods of overclocking video cards will be used by miners in 2022:

Regarding the BIOS.

use of specialized programs (MSI Afterburner, GeForce Experience, RivaTuner).

In any case, you first need to set the ideal core and memory frequencies. These steps are as follows:

1) Install the GPU-Z application. Run the tester after installing it.

2) Use the program to determine the manufacturer and model of the video card. To find out the recommended frequency for reliable operation, go to the manufacturer’s website.

3) Download and configure the FurMark app. Thanks to the program, the GPU can be subjected to load testing at maximum load.

4) Launch the miner application. Pay attention to the hashing settings that are set by default.

5) Gradually increase the memory frequency (in increments of 25-50 MHz). You can use the manufacturer’s software or the universal MSI Afterburner application (compatible with AMD and Nvidia cards).

6) Check the device. Gradually increase the frequency if the system is stable.

7) Record the readings and roll them back one step to a stable range if there is a problem (blue screen, multi-colored dots, hang, driver error, etc.). Restarting the computer will fix these problems.

8) Similarly, they improve fundamental parameters. After frequency optimization, long-term testing should be carried out.

This requires the following:

1) Define the boundaries.

2) Within 12-48 hours, monitor the stability and pace of mining.

3) Roll back the frequency by another 25-50 MHz if an error is detected.


Any machine with powerful computing components gets hot. The rate of production of digital currency decreases when working for a long period of time at high temperatures (more than 100-115 degrees Celsius). In addition, there is a higher probability that the equipment may wear out too early. Due to the quality of the chips, GPUs can reduce voltage in various ways. Due to the different RAM and core requirements, the ideal settings also depend on the mining algorithm. Before starting the farm, the user must check the functionality of the currency and select readings depending on the size of the electricity price, network complexity and hashrate.

With a decrease in energy consumption, the mining speed decreases. Therefore, the user’s task is to find the optimal ratio of parameters. To reduce the voltage of the video card, you can use the universal utility MSI Afterburner. This reduces the stress:

1) Gradually reduce the power limit indicator (maximum power consumption).

2)Set the exact value of the curve (frequency/voltage).

Ways to speed up mining.

To improve the performance of the equipment, you need to configure the following parameters:

1) Accuracy of memorization. The MSI Afterburner application is used for optimization. The display rises (in increments of 25 MHz) until the first failure indicators appear (arbitrary restart, hang). Then you will need to take a step back.

2) Provide voltage. The search speed decreases as the power consumption decreases. The hashrate is reduced by 10-15% with each voltage drop of 20%.

3) The principle frequency. It is necessary to determine a deviation of 25-50 MHz from the maximum value at which sustainable production is possible.


Mining on the video card can be accelerated using the MSI Afterburner program. These indicators are modified by users:

1) The core frequency is the clock frequency of the core.

2) Restrictions on consumption and power.

3)Memory clock, or memory frequency.

Here’s what the overclocking algorithm looks like:

1) Determine the minimum power limit.

2) Increase the memory clock frequency in increments of 50 MHz, while monitoring the stability of the video card and mining settings.

3) Set the maximum number below which the system will not reboot, freeze or create artifacts (colored dots on the screen).

4) Switch from the detected value of 50 MHz to a constant range.

5) Gradually increase the power limit until the maximum hashrate is determined.

6) Gradually reduce the power limit. The mining speed should slow down by 5%.

7) Set the highest possible score without any freezes or crashes. The hashrate should increase again. You can carefully raise the performance limit if this is not the case. At the same time, energy consumption will increase.


Unlike Nvidia graphics cards, “red” GPUs do not have built-in BIOS modes. Because mining is slower when running on Windows, many users opt for Linux builds (like Rave OS). Open the mining program and the pre-installed software (MSI Afterburner is suitable for Windows) and follow the steps below to overclock.

1) Memory overclocking at 900 MHz.

2) Aim for 1350 50 MHz as the main frequency.

Reduce the power supply voltage of the core by 5 watts. Monitoring the stability of the computer and the hashrate is important.

4) Reduce the battery voltage to 800 mV, then do it in 5W increments. Pay close attention to the stability of the system.

5) Click Save to save the changes.

It is necessary to configure each video card independently. Achieving maximum performance with the least energy consumption is not an easy task. You must update the hashrate indicator in the miner application after each modification.


The bitcoin network is constantly becoming more sophisticated. The equipment must be brought back as soon as possible.

The following ways to improve ASIC performance in 2022:

1) Using the default software provided by the manufacturer. Log into the software, select boost mode and press the turbo button to do so.

2) Using a unique firmware. Developers can find programs. Some firmware options allow you to change the frequency of each chip individually, rather than the device as a whole. A higher frequency is allocated to elements of higher quality. This option improves mining performance when used in combination with hash disk overclocking.

Offers for stable mining.

Nvidia prohibits the use of configured BIOS flash drives. Video cards from the manufacturer show minor failures when used at a normal frequency. They don’t affect how games draw their images, but they can be crucial when performing calculations.

Here’s what the action plan looks like:

1) Download and install the Nvidia Profile Inspector tool on the developer’s resource.

2) Uncheck the box next to the CUDA— force-P2 status in the main menu.

3) Exit the application. Turn on the miner and restart the computer. Please keep in mind that if you connect a new Nvidia card, P2 mode will be resumed. After purchasing and configuring the GPU, the procedure must be repeated.

The following methods can also be used to stabilize mining:

1) After the power is turned off, turn on the farm autorun function in the BIOS.

2) Periodic updates of drivers for the operating system. As a result, errors will occur less frequently.

3) Use at least two or three Internet service providers. If the connection is lost, enable automatic switching.

4) Purchase risers for connecting agricultural machinery. Some of them may have disadvantages.


The performance of the equipment and the cost of digital assets determine the miner’s income. An Ethereum farm with 6 video cards will earn about $3 a day in July 2022. Performance and hashing speed can be increased by 20-40% with the correct hardware configuration without any additional costs. You may have to buy a cooler and a power supply.

In order to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of equipment, the mining sector should strive to improve energy efficiency. In order to do this, the voltage is reduced — the incoming voltage is reduced.

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