Setting the DAG file size for Ethereum mining

Setting the DAG file size for Ethereum mining

You can’t just start mining any cryptocurrency using a computer that has a processor and a graphics card. It is necessary to choose the right network and determine the most productive equipment. You have to upload a unique block of data to mine ether, and its price is always rising. Currently, the Ethereum DAG file size is 4914 GB. The choice of a visual card compatible with mining will affect this parameter.

DAG file.

When the miner is connected, the data set is entered into the GPU. The video card searches for blocks and writes them to the network using a dag file. All blockchain information — committed transactions, deleted blocks — is contained in the data.

Every 30 thousand blocks, this method is configured so that the file size increases by 8 MB. An epoch is a time frame that usually lasts 4-5 days. Copies of transactions and blocks that are maintained in the miners by each Ethereum miner ensure that the algorithm will continue to function.


The DAG file for Ethereum has the following advantages:

1) The network is rapidly expanding due to new blocks. 2) The security of the blockchain is quite great. 3) As a result of using the dag file, mining ETH is now easier than mining BTC.

Device models that do not match the storage capacity are removed from the network as the DAG increases. This is the biggest drawback of ether extraction, despite its many advantages.

Where exactly is Ethereum located.

Mining software is used to download the DAG. The data is loaded into the graphics processor of the video card when the device is turned on for the first time. Use the GPU-Z program to get comprehensive information about the device and file size. Information about the DAG will be displayed in the “Storage Usage” section if you enable it when mining coins. The app will show the sum of the numbers on the linked cards.

By typing Ethash in the computer search bar, you can switch to DAG; the system will copy the block data to this folder. As a rule, when the equipment is unreliable, access to this data is required. These operations will be performed when the file is found:

1) Change the settings to reduce the maximum load. By default, the system sets it to 100%. The user must specify the number 95% to update the characteristic.

2) Get rid of the folder. The latest version will be downloaded at the beginning of mining, which can solve the problem of unstable operation.

Selecting a video card using the ETH dag file.

When choosing devices, they often take into account the complexity of the network and the hashrate. Using specialized calculator services, you can determine profitability. These services replace the name of the card, calculate the cost per kilowatt-hour and calculate the profit after accounting for electricity costs. If the user is actively mining ether, you also need to know the size of the dag file so that you can compare it with the amount of memory of the video card.

Choosing a key difference will allow you to mine Ethereum on the same hardware for a long period of time. Data mining on the device stops working when the amount of downloaded data reaches the limit of hardware memory.

How the mining speed depends on the amount of memory of the video card.

The amount of data that the GPU receives and displays in a short period of time determines how much RAM is required. The video memory is filled with images, color data, and other data. For example, a computer uses more advanced technologies than this parameter is higher.

When extracting ether, the storage capacity of the device determines whether it is suitable for use on the network. If downloading the ETH-deg file is enough, the equipment will be able to connect to Ethash and start mining currencies. In this case, video memory is used to store data related to network transactions.

Although this may slow down the operation, this parameter does not affect the speed. The ether cannot be restored if the memory of the video card is insufficient; data cannot be downloaded, and the device will not function on this network.


The hashrate of the equipment you choose for mining cryptocurrencies is insufficient. In addition, there should be enough space to load the DAG. This is a set of network data that is stored in the free memory of the card. Every 30,000 blocks, its size increases by 8 MB. An epoch is the time frame used to calculate such a large number of tasks.

On computers used for ether mining, the size can be found in the Ethash machine folder or viewed using the GPU-Z tool, which displays all the working details.

When choosing equipment for ETH mining, the actual file size should be taken into account. A video card with insufficient memory will not be able to save a file or establish a network connection.

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