Antminer (ASIC): Connecting and setting up for mining.

Antminer (ASIC): Connecting and setting up for mining.

The cryptocurrency market allows ordinary people, company owners and entrepreneurs to earn money. Mining coins and tokens is one of the ways to make money. You can get digital money by completing a unique task. In February 2022, video cards and ASICs will become common hardware. Only ASIC equipment is used for bitcoin mining. But not everyone knows how to link an ASIC to a mining pool. Certain abilities are required to configure the equipment.

ASIC mining performance.

Until recently, processors (CPUs) were used for bitcoin mining. They will be used for mining in early 2022 on blockchains designed for this, such as Monero. In some networks, the use of a central processor for mining digital currency does not lead to profit. The first client that allows bitcoin mining on video cards was developed in 2010. As a result, it turned out to be much more efficient than processors. Video cards will be used for mining Ethereum and other currencies in 12 years. Only with the help of ASIC, bitcoin mining can be profitable in 2022. These gadgets were created specifically to perform a single task: mining blocks on the Bitcoin network. Compared to the output power, they are very efficient and consume less electricity.

Hardware and software requirements

The task of the miner is to increase the profit from mining cryptocurrencies. The setup procedure should be simple, efficient and reliable. Additional tools and software are used for this. To set up an ASIC for mining, you will need the following:

Reliable Internet. It is preferable to use a wired Ethernet connection. 2) A computer to monitor the operation. 3) The power of the power supply is 15-20% more than the gadget needs. 4) 4000 kW overvoltage filter is number four. 5)A program for searching nASIC addresses (example: advanced IP scanner). 6) A wallet for storing coins that have been withdrawn. 7) Watchdog timer is a software that allows you to automatically restart mining.

How to configure and connect Asics

The equipment and the computer must be properly connected. Configuring the Asic is the next important step. This is necessary in order for the mining of digital currency to be effective. You can successfully complete all tasks if you follow the step-by-step instructions for connecting and configuring ASICs for mining.

How to make a wallet

The record identifying that the coins belong to a certain network user is stored in a separate key. You have to create a wallet in a certain software to use it. This is necessary to store bitcoins that have been earned through mining. Users like to use the official main Bitcoin wallet. Starting from this, you should: 1) Download the file from the provider’s website. 2) After installing the application, unpack the archive. 3) Run the Bitcoin Core program, and then select the folder where you want to save the blockchain. By February 2022, the network size exceeded 390 gigabytes. 4) After that, the blockchain synchronization procedure is started. It may take several days because there is so much data.

A Bitcoin wallet will be generated immediately after installing Bitcoin Core. You can enable the “Reduce Block Size” function in the settings. As a result, the weight of the wallet will drop to several gigabytes.

Download Bitcoin Core:

Setting up a pool

Blocks that are mined independently are extremely unlikely on the bitcoin network. Miners use pools to find the hash together as a result. The reward for each block will be divided according to the distribution plan (for example, PPLNS, PPS+ and others) for this block. To create a pool using the well-known Antpool service as an example, you will need the following:

1) Visit the website first. 2) Register. To log in, you must enter your email address and set a password. 3) Open the profile (enter your username). 4)Connect the ASIC miner, step.

The wallet generated by the service will receive a bitcoin transfer. You can withdraw money by visiting the “Options” tab.

Configuring the Asic

Now the equipment should be connected and working. An illustration of this procedure using Antminer S9 looks like this:

1) Since the gadget is loud, you must first decide where to install it. 2) Then use the LAN cable to connect the ASIC to the power supply and the Internet. The router or switch receives the opposite end of the cable. 3) At this stage, you should click the IP address report button. So, the gadget provides the computer with its IP address. 4) Next, you need to run Antminer S9 and complete the setup. You have to click the search button after launching a sophisticated IP scanner on your computer. The Antminer address is displayed in the list. You need to copy it and then paste it into the browser bar. 5) The ASIC interface will start with settings in which you need to enter a username and password to get permission. This is usually root or admin. You must specify the login, password and URL for the selected pool on the Miner Settings tab of the Antpool website (if you have them). 6) The final step is to click Save and Apply, after which mining will begin.

Monitoring of device values is possible using the Bitmain Antminer S9 web interface (temperature, storage status, etc.). In 40-50 minutes, data on cryptocurrency mining will be visible on the Antpool website.

Additional controls

The web interface of the ASIC device offers the user a number of functions. The available options depend on the selected ASIC model. The gadget can be overclocked to increase productivity and generate income from bitcoin mining. To achieve this, select the AsicBoost option in the Mining Profiles menu. The rate of block mining will increase when it is activated. The procedure is processed by the application automatically.

Reset Settings

Access to the interface can be problematic when purchasing ASIC devices manually. If you can’t log in, it’s likely that the previous user changed your username and password. In this situation, you should reset the settings. The initial method is flashing (updating the program). This requires the following: 1) Go to the ASIC manufacturer’s website. 2) Download the manufacturer’s firmware for the device you just bought. 3) Copy the file to a USB flash drive. It should log in to the device connection. 4) After starting the asic and waiting 10 minutes, press the reset button.

This problem can also be solved in another way. The IP Address Report and Reset buttons must be pressed and held down for 20 seconds before turning off the power. Then you have to wait the same amount of time before running it again. Restarting the ASIC hardware will start in another 20 seconds. At this point, release the buttons and the login and password reset procedures will be completed.

Applications for mining farms

When there are several machines for mining cryptocurrencies, the ASIC hub service is used. You can use the app to manage all your available gadgets from one place. It checks the network and monitors the performance of each asic. The ASIC hardware program is not modified by the software, maintaining the hardware warranty. Devices are managed using the Hive OS web interface.


When the Bitcoin network was created in January 2009, mining appeared for the first time. After that, it became possible to mine coins using standard processors. Over time, the network has become more sophisticated. Now, only using ASIC equipment, you can earn a living by mining bitcoin. However, this device alone is not enough; in order for it to function well, it must be properly configured.

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