When is TON launch and is it worth buying GRAM futures now?

Crypto exchange, one after another and under various pretexts sell GRAM futures. We have already written that this is a big risk and we recommend waiting for the official start of the project.

The extreme launch date (known from the contract with large investors) is October 31, it magically coincided with the birthday of Bitcoin.

For those who are tired of waiting, they found the site TON.click, which counts the number of days before launch, while the domain registration period ends on October 30, 2019. There are too many coincidences or just magic numbers, but apparently the launch will be on October 31. The wait is not long, and the project is already overgrown with ideas and developments, which is a more substantial investment in the future.

Therefore, instead of buying air (GRAM futures), it is better to think in advance about the implementation of ideas based on the new TON blockchain. We remind you that the active testing phase is now in progress (https://t.me/Tgram/171), and interesting implementations and api wrappers are already appearing on the github around the test client.

Apparently, the wallet itself, in which you can buy GRAM immediately after launching the project, seems to be on the way and the starting price is likely to be lower than the one that was inflated under the guise of futures. TON launch no more than 111 days left!

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