Mining Evolution (EVOX) and Morelo (MRL) using the RandomARQ algorithm

Mining Evolution (EVOX) and Morelo (MRL) using the RandomARQ algorithm

Evolution (EVOX) and Morelo (MRL) are two relatively new crypto projects that use the RandomARQ algorithm, first introduced by ArQmA (ARQ) for mining (a variation of RandomX). What is interesting about this algorithm is that it is more balanced in terms of processor performance between Intel and AMD, unlike the standard RandomX algorithm, where the latest AMD Ryzen processors work much better. Therefore, if you have several Intel processors that you want to use for mining, you might want to get more detailed information about these two projects, of course, AMD users, especially with Ryzen processors, can also check them. However, we don’t really like in both projects that the majority of the hash rates (over 95%) are centralized in a single Chinese pool called Walemo, and this is definitely not so good. Regarding mining software, RandomARQ is widely supported by most of the popular RandomX miners such as XMRig, SRBMiner-Multi and XMR-STAK-RX.

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