How to mine Monero (XMR) on RandomX algorithm [CPU/GPU MINING]

How to mine on RandomX Monero (XMR) algorithm

How to mine on RandomX Monero (XMR) algorithm

November 30, Monero (XMR) held a hard fork and will now work hard on block 1978433 to switch to the new RandomX algorithm. Fork will change the current CryptoNight R mining algorithm to the new Random X PoW algorithm, essentially transferring Monero coin mining to the CPU.

There are already several miners mining coins using the RandomX algorithm, which you can use now:

SRBMiner-MULTI RandomX (Monero XMR miner) DOWNLOAD

XMR-STAK-RX v1.0.1 — RandomX (Moner XMR) DOWNLOAD

XMRig RandomX (Monero XMR) DOWNLOAD


The developers of the XMR-STAK program specially released the initial version of the miner to support the RandomX algorithm – the XMR-STAK-RX program.

There is no commission to developers in the new version of the miner, it will probably be added later.

This release only supports various variants of the RandomX algorithm.

Download XMRig


XMR-STAK-RX v1.0.5 — RandomX GPU/CPU miner [DOWNLOAD]

XMR-Stak miner: Cryptonight All-in-One Mining Software

XMR-Stak 2.10.7 (AMD & Nvidia GPU Miner)

Configure XMR-STAK-RX for RandomX

  1. Download and unzip precompiled binary (.EXE) files to a new folder
  2. Change the currency parameter in pools.txt to “currency”: “randomx”, example pool configuration
  3. Run xmr-stak-rx via bat file

You can run the program through the bat file too:

xmr-stak-rx батник

An example of setting up a batch file :

xmr-stak-rx.exe -o -u 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d.rig1 -p x --noCPU

If you do not want to mine Monero / Random X after forking on video cards, run xmr-stak-rx once before the fork and let the miner create amd.txt and / or nvidia.txt configurations. Edit both files and set “gpu_threads_conf”: [] to disable the video cards and leave only the processor.

If the application does not start properly, make sure the Visual Studio libraries are installed. You can download them from


Similarly, you can use the program XMRig.

XMRig v5.1.0 – High-performance open-source cross-platform miner RandomX, CryptoNight and Argon2 CPU / GPU, with official Windows support

Download XMRig:

XMRig v6.3.0 [CPU/GPU miner RandomX, KawPow, CryptoNight, AstroBWT, Argon2]

XMRig 6.2.0 (CPU/GPU miner): Скачать и Настроить для Windows & Linux

XMRig v6.0.0: Скачать с поддержкой майнинга KAWPOW & RandomX для AMD & Nvidia

XMRig v5.11.0: Download With AstroBWT CUDA Support for Windows x32/x64-bit

XMRig Скачать майнер RandomX, CryptoNight, Argon2 для CPU/GPU

XMRig 5.5.0/5.4.0 (NoFee) — CPU/GPU майнер RandomX, CryptoNight и Argon2

XMRig v5.3.0 (майнер для CPU and GPUs AMD/Nvidia)

Скачать XMRig v5.2.0 (RandomX, CryptoNight, Argon2)

XMRig v5.1.0 RandomX (Monero XMR) DOWNLOAD

XMRig v2.14.6 (AMD OpenCL miner) DOWNLOAD

Configure XMRig for RandomX

Example of a batch file for processors:

xmrig -a randomx -o -u 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d.rig1 -p x --donate-level=1
goto start

Example of a batch file for AMD:

xmrig -a randomx -o -u 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d.rig1 -p x --donate-level=1 --opencl
goto start

An example of a batch file for Nvidia:

xmrig -a randomx -o -u 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d.rig1 -p x --donate-level=1 --cuda
goto start

SRBMiner-MULTI RandomX

SRBMiner-MULTI CPU — This is a program for mining cryptocurrencies on various algorithms for the processor.

AMD GPU Miner — This is a miner for mining cryptocurrencies on video cards of the AMD family.

Both programs are part of a single release.

Download SRBMiner-MULTI

SRBMiner-MULTI CPU & AMD GPU Miner v0.4.6 [Скачать для Windows/Linux]

SRBMiner-MULTI 0.4.2: Download CPU & GPU Miner for Windows

SRBMiner-MULTI 0.3.1: Скачать майнер для CPU & GPU AMD

SRBMiner-MULTI 0.2.0 (Скачать и Настроить)

SRBMiner-MULTI v0.1.8 — добавлен алгоритм Kadena

SRBMiner v1.9.3 (AMD GPU Miner) DOWNLOAD

Configure SRBMiner-MULTI for RandomX

In order to start mining, we need to create or edit a file with the extension .bat. Indicate the following commands in it:

SRBMiner-MULTI batch file
  1. SRBMiner-MULTI.exe — SRBMiner application launch command
  2. —algorithm randomx — specify the algorithm for mining
  3. —pool — specify pool address
  4. 14444 — specify pool port
  5. —wallet 44tLjmXrQNr…ef7477c138d2340c55648d indicate coin purse + Payment ID after the point. The wallet can be obtained either on the exchange or install a cold Monero wallet.
  6. —gpu-target-temperature 70 — the program will strive to maintain this temperature
  7. —gpu-off-temperature 83 — the miner will turn off when this temperature is reached and turn on when it drops
  8. —send-stales — send outdated balls to the pool (some pools partially pay for them, or add bonuses).
  9. —enable-restart-on-rejected — auto miner restart if too many rejected ball

Example of a batch file:

@echo off
cd %~dp0

set LOGTIME=%date:~10,4%_%date:~4,2%_%date:~7,2%_%time:~0,2%_%time:~3,2%
set LOGTIME=%LOGTIME:,=.%.txt

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm randomx --pool --wallet 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d.rig1
  • The program is launched as usual by double-clicking on the file with the .bat extension

Running the program, we will see the following window:


We wrote in the batch file only those commands that will help to connect to the pool and start the cryptocurrency mining process. However, to improve performance, you need to configure some other command line arguments, depending on the type of equipment you have.

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