SRBMiner-MULTI v0.1.8 – Added Kadena algorithm [DOWNLOAD]

Changes in the new version v0.1.8:

– Added Kadena algorithm – Added yespowerick algorithm (IsotopeC) – Added yespoweriots (IOTScoin) algorithm – Fixed nicehash protocol compatibility with rpc2 – The miner does not turn off now, if there is not enough free RAM for the algorithm, it will simply warn the user


If you have AVX2, and the miner cannot detect it, and uses SSE4.1 (you can see in the log), try adding “—Force-cpu-extension avx2-aes” into your .bat file

SRBMiner-MULTI 0.2.0 (Скачать и Настроить)

How to start mining Kadena

1. Create an address (public key + private key) here: 2. Enter the account name in the lower right corner, click “generate”, this will create a public key + private key. As a wallet address – use the public key

Example batch file:


SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm kadena --pool --wallet public_key

Developer Comment:

Kadena can be mined using the CPU and GPU, but if you use both at the same time, the GPU hash rate will decrease!


Supports Algorithms:

  • Cpupower
  • RandomARQ
  • RandomWOW
  • RandomX
  • RandomXL
  • m7mv2
  • yescryptr16
  • yescryptr32
  • yescryptr8
  • yespower
  • yespower2b
  • yespowerlitb
  • yespowerltncg
  • yespowerr16
  • yespowersugar
  • yespowerurx
  • Blake2b
  • Blake2s
  • eaglesong
  • k12
  • Keccak
  • MTP
  • rainforestv2
  • Yescrypt
  • Kadena
  • yespowerick (IsotopeC)
  • yespoweriots (IOTScoin)

Supported Devices:

  • VEGA 56/64/FE/VII
  • RX 460/470/480/550/560/570/580/590
  • R9-285/285X/380/380X
  • R9-290/290X
  • R9-Fury/Nano
  • + Processors

Miner features SRBMiner-MULTI:

  • Guided Setup Mode
  • Ability to switch the algorithm without an external application
  • Running in the background without a console window
  • A hash watchdog timer that restarts the miner in case of a video card error
  • Video card temperature control and automatic shutdown if the temperature is too high
  • Shutting down the system when the temperature of the video card is too high
  • Auto miner restart if too many deflected ball
  • Running a monitor that ensures that your miner starts working properly
  • API for mining statistics
  • Web interface for tracking miner statistics
  • Multiple backup pools
  • Ability to add new pools on the fly without restarting the miner
  • Monitoring difficulty; do not connect to the pool if the difficulty level is too high
  • Timeout monitoring, do not connect to the pool if work is not received for a long time
  • Easily switches AMD graphics cards to computing mode

Configure SRBMiner-MULTI

In order to start mining, we need to create or edit a file with the extension .bat. Indicate the following commands in it:

SRBMiner-MULTI batch file
  1. SRBMiner-MULTI.exe — SRBMiner application launch command
  2. —algorithm randomx — specify the algorithm for mining
  3. —pool — specify pool address
  4. 14444 — specify pool port
  5. —wallet 44tLjmX12e4eb97…2178aa29ef7477c138d2340c55648d indicate coin purse + Payment ID after the point. The wallet can be obtained either on the exchange or install a cold Monero wallet.
  6. —gpu-target-temperature 70 — the program will strive to maintain this temperature
  7. —gpu-off-temperature 83 — the miner will turn off when this temperature is reached and turn on when it drops
  8. —send-stales — send outdated balls to the pool (some pools partially pay for them, or add bonuses).
  9. —enable-restart-on-rejected — auto miner restart if too many rejected ball

Example batch file:

@echo off
cd %~dp0

set LOGTIME=%date:~10,4%_%date:~4,2%_%date:~7,2%_%time:~0,2%_%time:~3,2%
set LOGTIME=%LOGTIME:,=.%.txt

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm randomx --pool --wallet 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.5d3c802ee0f8e12e4eb9792722b7816a42178aa29ef7477c138ddb940c55648d.rig1

The program starts as usual by double-clicking on the file with the extension .bat

Running the program, we will see the following window:


We wrote in the batch file only those teams that will help Connect to the pool and start the cryptocurrency mining process. However, to improve performance, you need to configure some other command line arguments, depending on the type of equipment you have.

Other versions miner:

Full list of available versions:

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