SRBMiner-MULTI CPU & AMD GPU Miner v0.4.6 [Download for Windows/Linux]


  • CPU miner – This is a program for mining cryptocurrencies on various algorithms for the CPU.
  • AMD GPU Miner — This is a miner for mining cryptocurrencies on video cards of the AMD family.
  • Both programs are part of a single release for OS platforms based on Windows / Linux x64 bit.

What’s new v0.4.6?

  • The “defyx” algorithm on Intel processors is fixed (the previous version broke it)
  • Hash statistics (pressing the “h” button) now shows the current hash rate of the processor, rather than the average value of 10 seconds
  • Reduced pool reconnection time to 15 seconds.
  • Added option ‘–gpu-ethash-mode’ to cmd options
  • Added ‘gpu_ethash_mode’ parameter to configuration parameters
  • Added ‘ethash_mode’ parameter to gpu_conf parameters
  • Added option –disable-cpu-auto-affinity

Miner features SRBMiner-MULTI

  • Guided Setup Mode
  • Ability to switch the algorithm without an external application
  • Running in the background without a console window
  • A hash watchdog timer that restarts the miner in case of a video card error
  • Video card temperature control and automatic shutdown if the temperature is too high
  • Shutting down the system when the temperature of the video card is too high
  • Auto miner restart if too many deflected ball
  • Running a monitor that ensures that your miner starts working properly
  • API for mining statistics
  • Web interface for tracking miner statistics
  • Multiple backup pools
  • Ability to add new pools on the fly without restarting the miner
  • Monitoring difficulty; do not connect to the pool if the difficulty level is too high
  • Timeout monitoring, do not connect to the pool if work is not received for a long time
  • Easily switches AMD graphics cards to computing mode

Supports algorithms


+ cpupower + m7mv2 + randomarq + randomsfx + randomv + randomwow + randomx + randomxl + yescryptr16 + yescryptr32 + yescryptr8 + yespower + yespower2b + yespoweric + yespoweriots + yespowerlitb + yespowerltncg + yespowerr16 + yespowersugar + yespowerurx


+ blake2b + blake2s + eaglesong + k12 + kadena + keccak + mtp + rainforestv2 + yescrypt

Supported Devices:

  • VEGA 56/64/FE/VII
  • RX 460/470/480/550/560/570/580/590
  • R9 285/285X/380/380X
  • R9 290/290X
  • R9 Fury/Nano
  • + Processors

Customizing a batch file

In order to start mining, we need to create or edit a file with the extension .bat. Indicate the following commands in it:

SRBMiner-MULTI батник
  1. SRBMiner-MULTI.exe — SRBMiner application launch command
  2. —algorithm randomx — specify the algorithm for mining
  3. —pool — specify pool address
  4. 14444 — specify pool port
  5. -wallet 44tLjmXrQ…c55648d — indicate coin wallet. The wallet can be obtained either on the exchange or install a cold Monero wallet.
  6. —gpu-target-temperature 70 — the program will strive to maintain this temperature
  7. —gpu-off-temperature 83 — the miner will turn off when this temperature is reached and turn on when it drops
  8. —send-stales — send outdated balls to the pool (some pools partially pay for them, or add bonuses).
  9. -enable-restart-on-rejected — auto miner restart if too many rejected ball

Example batch file:

@echo off
cd %~dp0

set LOGTIME=%date:~10,4%_%date:~4,2%_%date:~7,2%_%time:~0,2%_%time:~3,2%
set LOGTIME=%LOGTIME:,=.%.txt

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm randomx --pool --wallet 44tLjmXrQNrWJ5NBsEj2R77ZBEgDa3fEe9GLpSf2FRmhexPvfYDUAB7EXX1Hdb3aMQ9FLqdJ56yaAhiXoRsceGJCRS3Jxkn.rig1


1. Disable CPU mining, use only GPU mining

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm keccak --pool your-pool-here --wallet your-wallet-here --disable-cpu

2. Run miner in background without console window, with API enabled on port 17644 (

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm keccak --pool your-pool-here --wallet your-wallet-here --background --api-enable --api-port 17644

3. Disable GPU mining, use 7 CPU threads with extended logging enabled and saved to Logslog.txt file

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm keccak --pool your-pool-here --wallet your-wallet-here --disable-gpu --cpu-threads 7 --log-file Logslog.txt --extended-log

4. Full example for CPU & GPU mining set only from cmd (4 GPU/s used and 7 CPU threads on K12 algorithm)

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm k12 --gpu-id 0,1,2,3 --gpu-intensity 26,25,26,26 --gpu-worksize 256,256,256,256 --gpu-threads 1,1,1,1 --cpu-threads 7 --pool your-pool-here --wallet your-wallet-here

5. Disable GPU mining, use 15 CPU threads with extended logging enabled and saved to Logslog.txt file, start mining Randomx from block height 1978433 and run miner in background

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --algorithm randomx --pool your-pool-here --wallet your-wallet-here --disable-gpu --cpu-threads 15 --log-file Logslog.txt --extended-log --background --start-block-height 1978433

Update infos :

+ Fixed ‘defyx’ algorithm on Intel CPU’s (previous version broke it)
+ Hashrate stats (pressing ‘h’) now shows current hashing speed of CPU, and not the 10 second average
+ Lowered pool reconnection time to 15 sec
+ Added parameter ‘–gpu-ethash-mode’ to cmd parameters
+ Added parameter ‘gpu_ethash_mode’ to config parameters
+ Added parameter ‘ethash_mode’ to gpu_conf parameters
+ Added parameter ‘–disable-cpu-auto-affinity’

+ Added ‘randomepic’ algorithm (EpicCash RandomX) solo/pool
+ ‘ethash’ and ‘ubqhash’ algorithm faster ~1.5% on Vega
+ ‘RandomX’ algorithm improvements
+ Fixed allocation of ‘RandomX’ dataset for 1Gb pages (–randomx-use-1gb-pages parameter)
+ Fixed an issue with MSR tweaks not being applied correctly
+ Lowered ‘minotaur’ algorithm devfee to 2%
+ Fixed crashing of ‘minotaur’ algorithm on AVX2 capable cpu’s
+ ‘–send-stales’ is now set per pool, it accepts true/false. Default is true.
+ ‘send_stales’ parameter added to pools config file too
+ ‘–gpu-intensity’ option can now be used in combination with auto gpu setup in cmd
+ Improved gpu watchdog
+ Added temporary parameter ‘–cnpool-bbc-fix’ which disables workers if job diff >= 50
+ Minor bug fixes

+ added ‘ethash’ algorithm
+ added ‘ubqhash’ algorithm
+ added parameter ‘–esm’ to set ethash/ubqhash stratum mode for pool (0 – eth-proxy, 1 – miner-proxy)
+ added parameter ‘esm’ to pools config (ethash/ubqhash stratum mode for pool (0 – eth-proxy, 1 – miner-proxy))
+ added parameter ‘–enable-ethash-leak-fix’ which tries to workaround AMD driver memory leak when recreating DAG
+ fixed algo switching and tweak_profiles miner freeze bug
+ –gpu-tweak-profile option can now be used with auto gpu setup in cmd

+ Added ‘tellor’ algorithm ( compatible stratum)
+ Improvements on ‘minotaur’ algorithm
+ Guided setup fixed & simplified

+ Improvements for 4G Ellesmere cards on ‘cryptonight_bbc’ algorithm
+ Small improvements on ‘yespower’ CPU algorithms
+ Added parameters ‘disable_cpu’ and ‘disable_gpu’ in configuration file
+ Fixed ‘handshake’ algorithm mining on nicehash
+ Algoswitching now reconnects back to main pool when it gets available
+ Minor bug fixes

+ Added CPU algorithm ‘minotaur’ (Ring coin)
+ Added CPU algorithm ‘yespowerres’ (Resistance coin)
+ 2-4% faster ‘cryptonight_bbc’ on some GPU’s
+ Minor bug fixes

+ Added algorithm ‘randomkeva’ (Keva coin upcoming algorithm)
+ Added Navi support for ‘cryptonight_bbc’ algorithm
+ Much better auto setup for RX 4xx/5xx 8G cards on ‘cryptonight_bbc’ algorithm

+ Miner now works on older linux distributions ( Ubuntu 16.04 – glibc2.23 )
+ Small hashrate increase on ‘cryptonight_bbc’ algorithm for some GPU’s
+ Yescrypt algorithms hashrate increase on CPU if miner run with administrator/root privilege
+ Fixed GPU sensors reading on Linux
+ Fixed a bug that sometimes stopped hashing when connected to the pool after a long reconnect period
+ Renamed ‘–disable-randomx-tweaks’ parameter to ‘–disable-msr-tweaks’, ‘–disable-tweaking’ to ‘–disable-gpu-tweaking’, and ‘–randomx-use-tweaks’ to ‘–msr-use-tweaks’
+ Minor bug fixes

+ Hashrate increased even more on ‘kadena’ algorithm, and at the same time lowered power usage
+ Small hashrate increase on ‘yescrypt’ CPU algorithms
+ Minor bug fixes

+ ‘kadena’ algorithm huge hashrate increase
+ Added ‘gpu_’ prefix to GPU related parameters in config file : gpu_intensity, gpu_raw_intensity, gpu_worksize, gpu_threads, gpu_tweak_profile, gpu_target_temperature, gpu_shutdown_temperature, gpu_off_temperature. ‘gpu_conf’ parameters naming stays the same.
+ Added new parameters in config file : cpu_threads, cpu_affinity, cpu_priority
+ Renamed ‘pool_use_tls’ in pool configuration file to ‘tls’

+ ‘cryptonight_bbc’ algorithm updated (active from block 133060)
+ Added ‘–enable-opencl-cleanup’ parameter to enable OpenCL resources freeing on miner exit/restart (default is disabled because it can hang miner if driver crashed)

+ Added ‘cryptonight_bbc’ algorithm (BigBangCore) – DevFee 2.5%
+ Lowered devfee for ‘bl2bsha3’ to 2%
+ Some gpu’s might get a tiny hashrate increase on ‘bl2bsha3’
+ Gpu sensors now available in Linux
+ –adl-disable parameter now available in Linux
+ –shutdown-temperature parameter (shutdown_temperature in config) now available in Linux
+ –gpu-off-temperature parameter (off_temperature in config) now available in Linux
+ Removed option to set difficulty for ‘bl2bsha3’ in password field
+ Removed notification for 6block stratum compatibility
+ Possibly fixed a bug where miner shows it’s hashing (always shows exactly same hashrate), but gpu’s are stalled

+ Fixed share accepted/rejected display issue with 6block pool (HNS)
+ Fixed miner auto restarting issue on Linux
+ Tiny hashrate increase on ‘bl2bsha3’ with some GPU’s

+ Hashrate increase on ‘bl2bsha3’ algorithm (~ 10-15% )
+ Added support for Navi (gfx1010) cards for ‘bl2bsha3’ (let’s just say it works)
+ Added possibility to set difficulty for ‘bl2bsha3’ . Just enter it in the pool password field.
+ Miner can be now used on pools other than 6block if they implement the same stratum protocol as 6block

+ Added algorithm ‘bl2bsha3’ (Handshake (HNS) coin – pool only)
+ RandomX fixes
+ Added ‘–gpu-platform’ parameter to cmd config, and ‘gpu_platform’ to configuration files to force opencl platform
+ Added ‘–randomx-use-1gb-pages’ parameter to config, whiche enables 1GB sized page files if supported by CPU
+ When reading pools or algorithms configuration file, if invalid entry found it will be just skipped

+ Fixed ERROR 0x4002

+ First version for Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 18.04)
+ Removed RandomV (MoneroV) algorithm
+ Added ‘defyx’ algorithm (Scala)
+ Added ‘yespoweritc’ algorithm (Intercoin)
+ Added ‘cryptonight_catalans’ algorithm (CatalansCoin)
+ Added ‘cryptonight_talleo’ algorithm (Talleo)
+ –randomx-use-tweaks accepts now values from 0-4, [ 0 – Intel, 0,1,2,3,4 – AMD ]
+ Added parameter ‘worker’ to pools config and cmd parameters -> defines worker name for RPC2
+ a lot of bug fixes

+ Added RandomV algorithm (MoneroV)
+ Added –randomx-use-tweaks , to select the MSR tweak/s to apply
+ Added RandomX tweak support for Intel Core2 processors

V0.1.9 beta
+ Added RandomSFX algorithm (SafexCash)
+ RandomX algorithm/s improvements
+ Added RandomX algorithm/s extra tweak that can increase hashrate
+ Added parameter –disable-randomx-tweaks
+ Fixed K12 algorithm
+ –cpu-priority now affects main process too (not just worker threads)
+ default –cpu-priority is now 2 (below normal)
+ bug fixes
+ added license text to readme for RandomX and WinRing0

V0.1.8 beta
+ Added Kadena algorithm (pool mining only)
+ Added yespoweric algorithm (IsotopeC)
+ Added yespoweriots algorithm (IOTScoin)
+ Added yespower2b AVX support
+ Fixed nicehash protocol compatibility with rpc2
+ Miner now won’t quit if not enough free RAM for an algorithm, it will just warn the user

V0.1.7 beta
+ Added ‘m7mv2’ algorithm (Magi coin – XMG)
+ Cpu auto configuration should be better than on previous versions
+ Added CPU data to API, also rearranged a few things in API
+ Console window ‘Quick Edit’ mode disabled on miner start, so users won’t accidentally pause miner by clicking in the console window

V0.1.6 beta
+ Fixed threads binding on systems with more than 1 numa node
+ Better auto configuration for cpu mining
+ Previous two fixes should bring higher hashrates
+ Added pool controlled algorithm switching capability (Monero Ocean)
+ Added pool config parameter “algo_min_time” and –algo-min-time to cli (Monero Ocean)
+ Added pool config parameter “keepalive” and –keepalive to cli

V0.1.5 beta
+ Added cpu algorithms : RandomX, RandomXL, RandomWow, RandomArq
+ Added cli parameters: –cpu-priority, –disable-huge-pages, –disable-hw-aes, –disable-numa
+ Added pool config parameter ‘start_block_height’ and –start-block-height cli parameter
+ Fixed a bug that limited the number of threads useable for cpu mining
+ Fixed cpu affinity parameter and thread/s binding to affinity mask
+ Where possible, now using huge pages if available, this should bring a slight performance increase
+ Removed OpenCL dependency if using only cpu miner
+ Added limited Overdrive8 support (adl type 3)

V0.1.4 beta
+ Fixed a critical bug with work creation for fast algorithms [k12, keccak]

V0.1.3 beta
+ Keccak algorithm +15% faster on gpu
+ K12 algorithm +8-12% faster on gpu [vega56 ~1700mhs]
+ Guided setup got smarter a little bit

V0.1.2 beta
+ Added support for kangaroo12 algo [k12]
+ All algorithms that have a fee now have the same ~0.85% devfee
+ More bug fixes

V0.1.1 beta
+Added yespowerltncg, yespowersugar, yespowerurx, yespower2b, eaglesong (nervos-ckb) algorithms
+Added support for SHA with yespower algorithm family
+Bug fixes

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