T-REX MINER 0.26.1: Download with unlocked NVIDIA LHR for Ethash and AutoLykos2

T-REX MINER 0.26.1: Download with unlocked NVIDIA LHR for Ethash and AutoLykos2

In addition to QuickMiner NiceHash and NBMiner, which already have full LHR unlocking for Nvidia low-hash rate (LHR) GPUs, a third option is now available. T-Rex Miner comes with 100% LHR unlocking for Ethash and AutoLykos2 crypto algorithms on Nvidia graphics cards with LHR v1 and v2, only the latest GPUs with LHR v3 – RTX 3080 12GB and RTX 3050 are not supported yet. Note that the full LHR unlocker on T-Rex requires 512.xx driver version on Windows and 510.xx on Linux to work properly. Also make sure that T-Rex Miner is running with administrator privileges for the unlock to work.

Download latest T-Rex 0.26.1 Co 100% LHR unlock for Ethash and AutoLykos2…

Changes T-Rex 0.26.1 

  • (ethash, autolykos2) LHR 100% unlock (except 3080 12GB and 3050) LHR unlock requires 512.xx driver version in Windows, and 510.xx driver version in Linux

Supported algorithms:

  • autolycos2
  • blake3
  • ethash
  • etash
  • firopow
  • kawpow
  • mtp
  • mtp-tcr
  • multi
  • octopus
  • progpow
  • progpow-veil
  • progpow-veriblock
  • progpowz
  • tensority

How to configure the T-Rex Miner

  1. Right click on the file, select Edit.
  2. A text document will open and you will see a list of program commands. The -u key is responsible for the digital wallet address. It needs to be replaced.
  3. However, for those who are interested in the full customization of the program, let’s look at the contents of the batch file in more detail.
How to configure T-Rex
  1. t-rex — the name of the program that will be launched using the .bat file
  2. -a bcd — the name of the mining algorithm. The list of available algorithms is listed above
  3. -o stratum+tcp://eu.icemining.ca —specify the pool address. The construction -o stratum+tcp:// is required
  4. :8433 — put a colon after the pool address and specify the pool port
  5. -u 1Go7d7C1EYQzmgbsDbTSdtW2g5H5G3gBCo  — after the -u key, specify the address of your digital wallet
  6. -p c=BCD — specify the token of the mined coin. This is necessary so that the pool understands which coin we want to mine
  7. -i 20 — set the intensity of the program

To run T-Rex with the config.txt file, type in the console: t-rex -c config.txt. Use the config_example file as a starting point to create your own configuration. If the parameter is set in the configuration file and also through the cmd line, the latter takes precedence, for example: t-rex -c config.txt -w. You can also use environment variables: just put% YOUR_ENV_VAR% anywhere in your config file and it will be automatically replaced by the value of YOUR_ENV_VAR at runtime.

Run the T-Rex Miner

So, we set up a program for mining Bitcoid Diamond. Other coins on other algorithms are set up similarly. Run our BATK by double-clicking and see what the miner’s console window says:

Run the T-Rex Miner
  1. Program version
  2. Installed driver version
  3. List of video cards available for mining
  4. Pool address that you specified in the batch file
  5. Coin token or pool password. Pools rarely use a password, so in 90% of cases you need to specify a token
  6. The program sets up a connection to the pool
  7. Authorization on the pool
  8. Intensity is set to 20. We set it in the batch file with the -i parameter
  9. The current block and network difficulty of the mined coin
  10. The total hashrate of your farm.
  11. The hashrate of one video card
  12. The temperature of the video card
  13. Power consumption
  14. Fan blade speed
  15. Efficiency Kh/Watt

This completes the setup of the program, but we’ll move on to look at all the possible commands.


  • ETH+ZIL-shardpool
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eu1-zil.shardpool.io:3333 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p zil1yn92lnkkfsn0s2hlvfdmz6y2yhpqm98vng38s9@eu1.ethermine.org:4444 -w rig0 --extra-dag-epoch 0
  • ETC-2miners
t-rex -a etchash -o stratum+tcp://etc.2miners.com:1010 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p x -w rig0
  • ETC-woolypooly
t-rex -a etchash -o stratum+tcp://etc.woolypooly.com:35000 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p x -w rig0
  • ETH-2miners
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eth.2miners.com:2020 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p x -w rig0
  • ETH-ethproxy
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+
  • ETH-nanopool
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eth-eu1.nanopool.org:9999 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd.rig0/some@email.org -p x
  • ETH-ethermine
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eu1.ethermine.org:4444 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p x -w rig0
  • ETH-miningpoolhub
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum2+tcp://europe.ethash-hub.miningpoolhub.com:20535 -u somaton.gtx1080 -p x
  • ETH-miningrigrentals
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eu-ru01.miningrigrentals.com:3344 -u wasya89.165854 -p x
  • ETH-woolypooly
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp://eth.woolypooly.com:3096 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p x -w rig0
  • ETH-flexpool
t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+ssl://eth-us-east.flexpool.io:5555 -u 0x1f75eccd8fbddf057495b96669ac15f8e296c2cd -p x -w rig0
  • CFX-woolypooly
t-rex -a octopus -o stratum+tcp://cfx.woolypooly.com:3094 -u 0x100851451584c1e808fde4a2d077dd81129b2555.rig0 -p x
  • CFX-nanopool
t-rex -a octopus -o stratum+tcp://cfx-eu1.nanopool.org:17777 -u 0x100851451584c1e808fde4a2d077dd81129b2555.rig0/some@email.org -p x
  • RVN-2miners
t-rex -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn.2miners.com:6060 -u RBX1G6nYDMHVtyaZiQWySMZw1Bb2DEDpT8.rig -p x
  • RVN-ravenminer
t-rex -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://stratum.ravenminer.com:3838 -u RBX1G6nYDMHVtyaZiQWySMZw1Bb2DEDpT8.rig -p x
  • RVN-woolypooly
t-rex -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn.woolypooly.com:55555 -u RBX1G6nYDMHVtyaZiQWySMZw1Bb2DEDpT8.rig -p x
  • SERO-woolypooly
t-rex -a progpow --coin sero -o stratum+tcp://sero.woolypooly.com:8008 -u JCbZnEb8XtWV814QWRpDcDxpQpXZXw4ARneAtwXNYdd3reuo4xQDcuZivopA761QnQyfMermHR9Mpi156F5n7ez9tv75Wt7vWbHXtuyZsQVWLbKNHnZgwcXbR2yZmbw89WT -p x -w rig0
  • VEIL-woolypooly
t-rex -a progpow-veil -o stratum+tcp://veil.woolypooly.com:3098 -u bv1qzftz0vuqa82zy29avylv8sclskweqsrwysgrkg -p x -w rig0
  • XZC-2miners
t-rex -a mtp -o stratum+tcp://xzc.2miners.com:8080 -u aBR3GY8eBKvEwjrVgNgSWZsteJPpFDqm6U.rig0 -p x
  • XZC-mintpond
t-rex -a mtp -o stratum+ssl://zcoin.mintpond.com:3005 -u aBR3GY8eBKvEwjrVgNgSWZsteJPpFDqm6U.rig0 -p x
  • XZC-woolypooly
t-rex -a mtp -o stratum+tcp://zcoin.woolypooly.com:3080 -u aBR3GY8eBKvEwjrVgNgSWZsteJPpFDqm6U.rig0 -p x


Watchdog is designed to monitor the state of the miner and restart T-Rex in case it crashes or hangs for some reason. Besides, Watchdog can additionally perform automatic updates if a newer version is available. We recommend to use watchdog to avoid downtime when mining and to make sure that your GPUs are busy 24/7. If you really need to disable the watchdog, you can do so with the -no-watchdog parameter.

Antivirus warnings

To protect the miner from reverse engineering attacks, binaries are packaged using third-party software that distorts the original machine code. As a result, some anti-virus engines may detect certain signatures in the executable file, similar to those of real viruses protected by the same packer. In any case, it is recommended not to use cryptocurrency miners on computers where you store your sensitive data (wallets, passwords, etc.).


To maximize the hash rate, our software uses all available GPU resources, so it’s important that you check your overclocking settings before you start mining. Our general recommendation is to start with the default GPU settings (no overclocking, default power limitation), and then after making sure that it is stable, slowly increase the overclocking to find the “golden mean” where the miner works best and still does not work.


Discord: https://discord.gg/gj7jcYf

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4432704.0

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