EMERALD WALLET: Ethereum/ETH/ETC/ERC-20 wallet for Windows

EMERALD WALLET is a free, open-source, multi-platform desktop cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and ERC-20 tokens.


  • Full Node – Automatically connects to a full host running on the local machine
  • Light Node – when a complete host is not possible, it uses the secure endpoint provided by our servers. All private keys are stored on the local machine.
  • Hardware Wallets – supports hardware wallets, such as Ledger Nano, to ensure the security of private keys. It is recommended to use Ledger Nano S;
  • ERC-20 Tokens – supports the main ERC-20 tokens out of the box, and the user can enable support for any ERC-20 compatible token in the wallet by specifying the address;
  • Secure Key Storage = stores all private keys either in local secure storage. Private keys are encrypted and are not transferred to another node, even when using light mode;
  • Multiplatform – compatible with major operating systems, and builds for Windows, Macos, and Linux are provided for download.

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