XMRig v6.0.0: Download with mining support for KAWPOW & RandomX (AMD/Nvidia).

The latest release of XMRig 6.0.0-Beta comes with support for the KAWPOW algorithm used by Ravencoin (RVN) for AMD and Nvidia GPUs. Although we often associate XMRig with processor mining for RandomX, it also supports a number of algorithms and mining on GPUs. We tried KAWPOW support and, frankly, encountered some difficulties making it work on two different Radeon RX 580 mines, as well as on one GTX 1080 Ti installation, so we returned to using TeamRedMiner as the most efficient solution for AMD GPUs and T-Rex for Nvidia so far regarding RVN mining.

XMRig is an open source GPU miner available for Windows and Liunx operating systems, official precompiled binaries have a 1% development fee, although you can compile yourself with a zero board from the source code, if you wish, and you can.

Please note miners are often marked as malware by antivirus programs. This is not so, they are marked simply because they are cryptocurrency miners. If you do not trust the software, do not use it!


  • Added support for the KawPow (Ravencoin) algorithm on AMD / NVIDIA.
  • Removed the outdated cn / gpu algorithm.
  • The default donation level is reduced to 1%, but you can still increase it if you want.


Supported platforms

  • OpenCL for AMD GPUs
  • CUDA for NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA plugin

Notes for Kawpow

  • All loans for open source implementation @SChernykh.
  • The release is marked as beta because the KawPow algorithm and network protocol are very different from those previously supported.
  • The configuration is fully compatible with the previous version.
  • Because the network protocol is different, algorithm matching and algorithm switching are not supported for KawPow.


Minimum configuration file:

    "autosave": true,
    "cpu": false,
    "opencl": true,
    "cuda": true,
    "pools": [
            "algo": "kawpow",
            "url": "stratum.ravenminer.com:3838",
            "user": "RVN_WALLET",
            "pass": "x",
            "tls": false

Or command line:

--no-cpu --opencl --cuda -o stratum.ravenminer.com:3838 -a kawpow -u RVN_WALLET

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