Best cryptocurrency miners for AMD graphics cards

The process of choosing a hash (identifier) for new blocks in a decentralized network is known as cryptocurrency mining. The process is performed on a variety of computing equipment (ASICs, video cards, processors and FPGA boards). AMD uses specialized software called miners to work with GPUs. You can join pools, configure data mining settings, and view data using them.

The best AMD graphics card Miners

As of April 2022, many applications for mining cryptocurrencies using GPUs have been developed. Most of them support AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Some of them, meanwhile, are made specifically to work with gadgets of the same brand. AMD Miners:

1) TeamRedMiner (TRM). 2) Claymore DualMiner. 3) PhoenixMiner. 4) lolMiner. 5) NBMiner 6) WildRig Multi

optimized miner for AMD GPUs

Team Red Miner

GitHub offers open source software for AMD graphics cards for use in cryptocurrency mining. Both Windows and Linux operating systems can be used to run it. The application is configured via the console, since there is no interface in it. According to the website, it is compatible with most hashing methods (e.g. Ethash, Name, Karpov, Cryptonight, Verthash and others).

For the software to work, the video memory of the video card must be at least 4 GB (video memory). Software can use its excess to speed up calculations. TRM accepts a commission in exchange for using the app. The hashing algorithm used determines its size. It is 0.75% for Ethash and 1% for Kawpow. In other algorithms, the fee is higher and ranges from 2% to 3% of the miner’s earnings.

Claymore's Dual v14.7 (AMD NVIDIA GPU Miner)

Claymore Miner

Software for mining cryptocurrencies on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. In one mining farm, it can work simultaneously with equipment from both manufacturers. It is supported by both Linux and Windows operating systems. The source code of the program is available in the GitHub repository. The miner is allowed to mine only Ethereum (the hash generation method is Ethash).

The parameters for mining are entered via the console or “batnik”, since there is no graphical user interface (bat file) in the software. It charges a 2% usage fee. The application function allows you to monitor the equipment. When performing calculations, the program will immediately restart the video card if it freezes.



Additional open source mining software for AMD and NVIDIA. It supports three other hashing technologies, but is most often used for Ethereum mining (Ubqhash, ProgPoW, etc. hash). The software provides the following advantages, being comparable to Claymore Miner:

1) Support for mining two currencies at once. 2) On average, the hash creation rate is 0.8% higher.

3)Lower commission associated with the use – 0.65%. 4) Support for SSL connections with mining pools (higher security). 5) More reliable performance on older graphics cards.



AMD and NVIDIA console applications for video cards (with a reduced hashrate). In addition, the creators have uploaded the source code to GitHub. It is supported by both Windows and Linux operating systems.Allows you to use various hash generation methods (Ethash, Autolykos V2, BeamHash, Cuckoo, Equihash, Etchash, TON and others). The amount of commission collected by the software (from 0.7% to 2.5%) is affected by cryptomining for one of them.

Digital currency miners can distribute equipment through lolMiner. In addition, users can get a lot of statistical data (compact, standard, extended). According to the website, the program is used by more than 623 thousand customers.


A program for mining using AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. It is supported by both Windows and Linux OS. It provides users with various currencies for mining (ETH, ETC, RVN, GRIN, AE, CKB, SERO, BTM and others). The program provides fast hashing while using the least amount of electricity. The minimum amount of video memory required for ETH mining is 6 GB.

Software users can charge coins by connecting Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets. An SSL connection is supported to ensure data security. The commission rate from the earnings of miners ranges from 1% to 2%.

NiceHash Miner v3.0.0.8: Download CPU & GPU (Nvidia\AMD) miner for Windows

NiceHash Miner

An application for mining cryptocurrencies for AMD and NVIDIA video cards, ASICs and processors. You can increase revenue by automatically switching it to the most profitable hashing methods. Many of them are supported by software (Lyra2REv2, Equihash, ZHash, CryptonightR and others for video cards; Scrypt, SHA256 for ASICs). In addition, it can only be installed on Windows computers.

The program has the ability to effectively regulate the device’s power consumption and clock frequency. In addition, the applications supporting the project make it easier to mine cryptocurrencies:

1) Calculator. calculates the profit from mining for several periods using this equipment (day, week, month, year). 2) NiceHash OS. own Linux-based operating system for the project. It is designed to manage a mining farm. 3) NiceHash smartphone app. Miners use it to remotely manage the creation of digital assets.

WildRig Multi 0.23.0: Download AMD GPU Miner With KAWPOW and ProgPoW

WildRig Multi

AMD has developed a console miner specifically for efficient Ravencoin mining. It is supported by both Windows and Linux operating systems. 45 algorithms are used for mining (Nist, X16R, X17, Exclusive, Geek, Aegro, Bitcore and others). In the event of a failure, the application and hardware are restarted. In addition, it collects data on the extraction of digital money.


But as technology evolves, it’s quite possible that in a few years it won’t matter anymore. When choosing mining software, you should rely on your personal tastes. It is difficult to categorically say which of them is better. They could work a little differently and serve different purposes. Everyone chooses the perfect software for themselves.

You should purchase mining software from official websites, as computer viruses are often hosted on other resources.

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