MinerGate – complete review for beginners

MinerGate – complete review for beginners

Mining has become one of the most discussed topics in recent years. Cryptocurrency fever has already managed to affect the video card market and talk about mining cryptocurrencies does not subside. There are a lot of services on the Internet for working in this area, but there are not so many clear market leaders. Today we are reviewing one of the largest mining services, which is called MinerGate. It will be very interesting!

Features of the MinerGate service

In short, Miner Gate is a worldwide mining pool. It is aimed at users from anywhere in the world, as evidenced by the number of supported interface languages. Among them are English, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, French and others. For Android smartphones, there is an application that will allow you to manage your account, monitor the mining process and even mine using your smartphone. You can find the app in the platform’s official store, Play Market. There are many reviews, most of which are still positive.

How MinerGate works

The service was able to achieve such popularity due to the provision of unique features that are not supported by competitors. In total, there are three main features of the service that distinguish it from other pools:

  • cloud mining. The pool offers not only full-fledged cryptocurrency mining through special programs, but also an easy way for beginners. It is very easy to use this feature. The user only has to go to the section called “Cloud Mining” and start the mining process there using the “Start” button. The profit from this method, of course, is lower than through a special program, but it can be useful to a certain circle of users.
  • Special software for mining. As for the full-fledged mining of cryptocurrency, here the developers have created their own application. It immediately includes miners for all supported algorithms and you no longer need to switch between a dozen different miners on your computer. Now everything is collected in one product.
  • Smart mining mode. This mode is a unique development of the company. Enabling the mode allows the application to automatically switch between the currencies that are most profitable for mining at the moment. You no longer need to track the difficulty of mining in the network of various altcoins on your own.

How to use MinerGate

MinerGate is the first mining service to offer combined cryptocurrency mining. This means that their application allows you to mine several altcoins at the same time, but the mining hashrate of the main coin does not decrease. The basics of working with this site will be discussed in detail below. In general, there is nothing complicated and the entire interface is intuitive.

Registration in MinerGate

Registration on the MinerGate website

Registration on the Miner Gate website is the simplest process that is no different from creating an account on any other site. First you need to go to the official website. All the user needs to provide is an email address and a desired password. After that, you can get into your personal account and download the necessary software to work with the service. There are always several current versions offered so that the user can choose the most suitable one.

Available cryptocurrencies

In addition to all the innovative features offered by the service, I would also like to note the good support for cryptocurrencies. It has all the major altcoins and some less popular projects. It is also possible that the creators will add even more different coins in the future. The list of all available currencies contains the following names:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Bytecoin
  • Monero
  • FantomCoin
  • QuazarCoin
  • DigitalNote
  • MonetaVerde
  • Dash
  • Aeon coin
  • Infinium-8
  • Zcash
  • Litecoin

Service commissions

Miner Gate offers users two mining reward systems. PPS and PPLNS are supported. The withdrawal fee for them is different: for PPS, the fee is 1.5% (except for bitcoin, zcash, ethereum and ethereum classic), and for PPLNS – 1% (except for bitcoin). The user can choose which system to use. Switching occurs in the settings.

How to confirm the balance

An unconfirmed balance is one of the main topics that worries newcomers to the site. In MinerGate, unconfirmed balance means the same as in other pools, but sometimes there are problems here. Users often do not withdraw cryptocurrency if they use the PPLNS system. The fact is that this reward system is good only for large industrial miners. In the case of ordinary home farms, it is better to use PPS, then confirmation comes faster. In addition, this type of award is really more convenient when the volumes are small.

How to withdraw money from MinerGate

The withdrawal of money takes place in the Dashboard. There you need to select the output and fill out the form. You must specify the wallet where the funds will go. The amount can be omitted and then a transaction with all available coins on the balance will be sent to the specified address. If you need only a part, then you should fill in the Amount field. It should also be noted that the transfer fee will be deducted from this amount. You can find it in the corresponding field. This means that if you need a specific exact amount, just add the commission amount to it and request it for withdrawal.

If you want to receive fiat money, then you should choose a suitable crypto exchange that supports card withdrawals.

How to mine on Minergate

To start mining on MinerGate, you need to install the application and log into your account using it. It should be noted that the platform even has achievements that the user receives for mining. They are not tied to an account, but are stored on the local computer in encrypted form.

Hidden miner MinerGate

On the Internet, you can find information on how to organize hidden mining using MinerGate. On the Bitcointalk forum, one of the users offers his version of the miner, which can be easily hidden. To use it, you just need to click on the Hide button after launch – and then the hidden installation is activated. Such solutions are sometimes used by attackers and there is already more than one virus that uses such a console miner. Attackers made similar programs based on NiceHash.

Mining through a browser

Mining through a browser

cloud mining

Cloud mining calculator on MinerGate

In addition to the classic mining model, the site also offers users to buy computing power and receive daily income. In the cloud mining section there is a calculator that allows you to calculate the potential profit. You can mine Bitcoins, Monero and Ethereum in the cloud. You can buy the power of a particular currency only by paying with it. Prices change dynamically, depending on the state of the network and the market situation. Also, it will not be difficult to find a promotional code that will give a good discount on the purchase.

Yield Calculator

Mining calculator on MinerGate

One of the sections of the site provides users with a special calculator that allows you to calculate the potential income of the user, depending on the hashrate that his video card has. You can find it directly in the mining process using the application. The calculator supports different possibilities and allows you not only to calculate the profit from the mining of one specific currency, but also the profit from mining in the combined mode.

How much can you earn?

Earnings on the platform are based on the video card (GPU) or the central processing unit (CPU). The profit that the user will receive will depend on their power. Due to the use of special mining algorithms that allow you to both increase the speed and mine several coins at the same time, it is rather difficult to calculate income. But it can always be done with the above calculator.


In conclusion, MinerGate is an excellent choice of cryptocurrency mining platform that will suit both beginners and experienced miners. Technology is developing noticeably and more and more innovative solutions are appearing on the market. The miner gate product has become one of the first fundamentally new services and in the future you can count on the emergence of other high-quality projects with their own characteristics.

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