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Environmentalists have a bad image because of a few coins. This is due to the fact that it requires a considerable amount of energy to extract it. Recently, actions have been taken to change the existing circumstances. For example, the use of Ethereum has changed in favor of a more energy efficient technology.

In the field of cryptocurrencies, a new data entry project debuted around the same time not so long ago. Its main goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of enterprises.

IMPT wants to be an eco-friendly token.

IMPT wants to be the most stable, sustainable, and environmentally beneficial token while pursuing other goals. IMPT benefits the environment in a variety of ways. The implementation of proof-of-stake technology in Ethereum is the most significant. Unlike bitcoin, mining consumes very little energy. IMPT’s main responsibility is to provide carbon credits to reduce harmful emissions. Investors now have the opportunity to join a huge ecosystem. This will bring together companies that care about the environment with people trying to reduce their carbon footprint. A blockchain-based trading platform allows you to buy, trade, and redeem special credits. You will then be protected from fraud as all transactions will be done without re-conversion.

NFS Carbon Credits.

Carbon credits can be purchased with a basic IMPT project token and then converted into NFT. You can make all transactions transparent thanks to the technology. In addition, it is not possible to make interchangeable tokens.

Thanks to the exchange of carbon credits in the form of NFT friction in the market is reduced, and the transaction process is as simple as possible for all parties.

Ways to join cryptocurrency solutions.

Carbon credits are one of the green transition strategies of corporations. Moreover, this technology protects the long-term viability of the free market and supports its fundamental principles.

With its technology, IMPT hopes to provide its customers with many benefits. Conservation-minded individuals will not just be the ones who own and manage their own carbon footprint. The website also gives users the opportunity to increase their income by giving back.

As part of the IMPT pre-sale, how can I purchase an IMPT token?

Users must complete the following procedures to receive IMPT tokens as part of the presale:

1) Download and link MetaMask Wallet to the system. You can use the Trust Wallet platform, which is integrated with the browser of your mobile device, if the purchase is made from a mobile device.

2) Choose one of the available ways to get the token. Investors now have three ways to buy IMT coins. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different options for purchasing tokens in order to choose the most appropriate one:

Purchase ETH with your credit card. Transak widget is recommended to use on the platform itself. After that, the ether can be exchanged for IMPT tokens. The investor must have at least 30 cryptocurrency units in their account. This way, they can complete the sale and pay for the gas.

Purchase IMTP using ETH. You can choose to purchase MPT directly if you have enough ETH in your MetaMask wallet. Enter the required number of tokens, then select “Convert ETH” to complete the conversion. Confirming the transaction and paying the transaction fee are the last steps.

Purchase IMPTs using USDT. You can exchange your USDTs for tokens that support the environment if you have them in your wallet. This process is comparable to the previous step. IMPT tokens can be converted to carbon credits after the pre-sale step. The coin will then be produced in NFT.

Whose requirements will the project meet?

The IMPT platform is a large-scale environmental initiative that can meet the needs of businesses and people alike.

The system is being developed, in particular, for the following categories:

1) Companies that aim to make a profit. People who care about the environment and are working to prevent a worldwide natural disaster have a preference for businesses that reduce their carbon footprint. The company will be able to reduce or offset your carbon footprint once you sign up for the platform.

2) Manufacturers and heavy industry. In fact, these businesses emit the most carbon dioxide. Participating in environmental initiatives can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

3) Government. By participating in these initiatives, you give the government and regulators a powerful tool to preserve the environment.

4) Government agencies. By participating in the project, you can direct your efforts to social and environmental goals such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, forest conservation, etc.

5) Ordinary users. Remember that carbon dioxide emissions result from the production of almost every product. As a result of the initiative, you can reduce your carbon footprint and learn more about organic food businesses.

More than 10,000 well-known companies, including Adidas, Microsoft, Boss, EA Games, ASOS and others, have already supported the initiative. This initiative seems very promising. It has taken a position that will be valuable for many years to come.

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