Open Hardware Monitor – temperature control software (Download for Windows)

DOWNLOAD: Open Hardware Monitor

If the computer starts to shut down frequently, then you should use the utility – Open Hardware Monitor, which allows you to constantly monitor the temperature of the main elements of the computer …

The most important thing is that there is an opportunity to download the open hardware monitor for free. And the presence of open source will allow you to make changes by customizing the program for yourself.

It is free and open source software that monitors temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load, and computer clock speed.

The Russian version available on the open hardware monitor network, which can be downloaded free of charge, allows you to provide the most accurate control over all equipment installed on the motherboard, including the processor, video cards from various manufacturers, hard drives. In addition, using the utility, the user can:

  1. timely identify the unstable operation of equipment connected to the motherboard;
  2. helps to prevent possible failures;
  3. demonstrates the degree of memory utilization;
  4. will help to identify the degree of wear of the used iron;
  5. will help you determine the volume of HDD and SSD, showing free and used space.

Basic working principle

The main purpose of the open hardware monitor 0.8.0, which can be downloaded quickly and without registration, control and measurement:

  1. how often the fans work;
  2. temperature regime of CPU and GPU;
  3. monitoring the temperature of video cards.

Moreover, you can get the maximum information regarding both individual equipment and everything that is connected and used by the computer. Moreover, the information is transmitted in real time.

The program is portable and does not require powerful computers from the user, let alone special knowledge. Everything here is simple and understandable even for amateurs. We advise you to get the open hardware monitor program in Russian in your arsenal.

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