GMiner v2.34 (AMD/NVIDIA): Download and Configure for Windows & Linux

GitHub: Download GMiner v2.34

  • improved compatibility with Ethash pools (
  • added post-generation DAG check for Ethash and ProgPoW / KAWPOW algorithms, this feature helps to detect overclocking problems
  • improved compatibility with AMD devices under Windows, now the miner displays temperature and power consumption for the latest AMD cards
  • improved AMD support for Linux (fixed “Device not found” error in some system configurations)
  • improved support for the latest Nvidia drivers (fixed “NVML initialization error”)
  • reduced percentage of obsolete share on ProgPoW / KAWPOW algorithms
  • do not stop the miner if DAG generation on any GPU fails (this GPU will be marked RED in the statistics)


GMiner is a high performance miner for AMD / Nvidia GPUs. Fee is 0.65% for Ethash, 5% for BBC, 5% for Cortex, 3% for Cuckaroom29, 3% for BFC, 2% for all other algorithms.


  • Watchdog (automatic restart of the miner on GPU failure, loss of connection to the pool, miner failure)
  • Failover pools (automatic connection to a failover pool when the primary pool is not available, support for unlimited number of failover pools)
  • Energy Efficiency Calculator (shows power consumption for each GPU, sol / W)
  • SSL connection with layer (optional)
  •  API / Telemerty

Supports algorithms

  • Ethash (Nvidia only)
  • ProgPoW (Sero) (Nvidia only)
  • VProgPoW (VeriBlock) (Nvidia only)
  • ProgPoWZ (Zano) (Nvidia only)
  • KAWPOW (Ravencoin) (Nvidia only)
  • Ethash+Eaglesong (Nvidia only)
  • Ethash+Blake2s (Nvidia only)
  • Eaglesong (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Blake2b+Sha3 (Handshake) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckarood29/Cuckaroom29/Cuckarooz29 (Grin) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckatoo31 (Grin) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckatoo32 (Grin) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckoo29 (Aeternity) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • BFC (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Cortex (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckaroo29b (BitTube) (Nvidia only)
  • Cuckaroo29s (Swap) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Cuckarood29v (MoneroV) (Nvidia only)
  • Blake2s(KDA) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Eaglesong (CKB) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Equihash 96,5 (MinexCoin) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash+Scrypt (Vollar) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash 125,4 (ZelCash) (Nvidia only)
  • Equihash 144,5 (Bitcoin Gold, BitcoinZ, SnowGem, ZelCash) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Beam Hash (BEAM) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Equihash 192,7 (Zero, Genesis) (Nvidia/Amd)
  • Equihash 210,9 (Aion) (Nvidia only)


– CUDA compute compability 5.0+
– Cuckaroo29 ~ 3.8GB VRAM
– Cuckatoo31 ~ 7.68GB VRAM
– Cuckoo29 ~ 3.8GB VRAM
– Equihash 96,5 ~0.75GB VRAM
– Equihash 144,5 ~1.75GB VRAM
– Beam Hash ~2.9GB VRAM
– Equihash 192,7 ~2.75GB VRAM
– Equihash 210,9 ~1GB VRAM
– CUDA 9.0+

Configuring the .bat file

batch file setup
  1. miner.exe – This argument specifies which program to run. We leave it as it is. This file must be located in the same folder as the batch file.
  2. —algo grin29 – specify the algorithm for the mined coin.
  3. —server – after the –server switch, specify the pool address.
  4. -port 13654 – specify the port of the pool
  5. —user rgz – after -user, depending on the pool, either the pool login or the address of the digital wallet is indicated. In our example on f2pool, this is the login
  6. —pass x – specify the pool password. Can be left blank if pool does not require (x value)

When modifying the file, do not remove spaces or punctuation marks, as this may damage the file.

  • Bitcoing Gold
miner --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW --server --port 1445 --user YOUR_BITCOING_GOLD_WALLET.rigName --pass x
  • ZERO
miner --algo 192_7 --pers ZERO_PoW --server --port 2052 --user YOUR_ZERO_WALLET.rigName --pass x
  • Failover pool
miner --algo 144_5 --pers BgoldPoW --server --port 1445 --user YOUR_BITCOING_GOLD_WALLET.rigName --pass x --server btg.2miner
  • Grin coin on the pool
miner.exe --algo grin29 --server --port 13654 --user rgz --pass x
  • Grin and sparkpool
miner.exe --algo 150_5 --server --port 2222 --ssl 1 --user 2d1f865b393afa3ead1e0dd0c0307c0cbcdb8412671c86fbd0b21cfe5328b608ca5.rig0
  • Beam Coin
miner.exe --algo 150_5 --server --port 5000 –ssl 1 --user 2d1f865b393afa3ead1e0dd0c0307c0cbcdb8412671c86fbd0b21cfe5328b608ca5.rgz --ssl 1

Download ready-made .bat files right now:


















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