WildRig Multi 0.36.2. download and configure for Ravencoin

WildRig Multi 0.36.2. скачать и настроить для Windows

In this guide, you will learn how to set up and use Wildrig. It will be interesting! Wildrig is a cryptocurrency mining software that supports a large number of algorithms, including less popular mining algorithms. Works with AMD since R200 series and Nvidia. The miner’s commission is 1%. Plus, it works great on both Windows and Linux.


  • improved nexapow by 10-20% depending on GPU
  • added parameter –execute-at-start (now –execute will work on nexapow after precompute stage)
  • extended statistics table with total power consumption and efficiency for each GPU


Windows miners must have at least Windows 10 build 2004 and install at least 9 GB of virtual memory on the GPU.

WildRig Multi, as the name suggests, is a neat console miner for a wide range of mining algorithms. The list of supported algorithms is quite huge:

  • sha256
  • sha256csm
  • sha256d
  • sha256q
  • sha256t
  • kawpow
  • aergo
  • anime
  • bcd
  • bitcore
  • 0x10
  • blake2b-btcc
  • blake2b-glt
  • blake2s
  • bmw512
  • c11
  • dedal
  • exosis
  • honeycomb
  • lyra2tdc
  • lyra2v2
  • megabtx
  • nist5
  • progpow-ethercore
  • progpow-sero
  • progpow-veil
  • quark
  • wildkeccak

How to start

As with many console miners, there are already many predefined “.bat” files to help you get started quickly. If you want to mine a coin that is not listed, check the Github homepage or the “help.txt” file.

Let’s say we want to mine RavenCoin(RVN):

Edit the “start-rvn.bat” file in a text editor (for example, Notepad or Notepad++):

Most things will already be set up for you, but there are at least 2 things you need to change:

  • “stratum+tcp://pool.woolypooly.com:55555” is the URL of your mining pool.
  • “RJ1r1sMM2uVsiBpUN86vgbs3JnkPzwfjFD” is the address of your RavenCoin wallet.
  • “test” is the name of the worker and can be anything.
  • “x” is your password, and for most mining pools it can remain unchanged.
  • Save the “start-rvn.bat” file, then double click it to run it.

How to set up Wildrig Multi

Step 1 – Download the miner

  • GitHub Wildrig: https://github.com/andru-kun/wildrig-multi

The mining software is run via the command line on Linux and via a .bat file on Windows. Below are sample bat files for each cryptocurrency you can mine with Wildrig-Multi.

Step 2 – Set up a batch file for KawPow

Be sure to replace YOUR_ADDRESS with your wallet address. Replace RIG_ID with your own farm name. You can name the farm whatever you like, but the name must contain only Latin letters and the characters “-” and “_”. The wallet must match the cryptocurrency you are mining.

An example of a Wildrig .bat file for a Beepool (Ravencoin) pool:

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo kawpow --url stratum+tcp://rvn-pool.beepool.org:9531 --worker RIG_ID --user RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX --pass x

Step 3 – Launch Wildrig

Save this batch file and then click start.bat to start mining.

Configuration example for Firo (Zcoin)

Username (wallet):aMLjCeLBmBGEJP6dYtWEMdZZuPH4w6uFsK

This is how the finished Wildrig batch file for Firo (Zcoin) will look like:

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo mtp --url stratum+tcp://xzc.2miners.com:8080 --worker RIG_ID --user aMLjCeLBmBGEJP6dYtWEMdZZuPH4w6uFsK --pass x

This is how the WildRig batch file for Ravencoin on the Beepool pool will look like:

Wildrig batch file

To set up a batch file for KAWPOW, we need to enter 5 commands in turn:

Wildrig batch file
  1. wildrig.exe – name of the worldgram file to be launched
  2. kawpow – mining algorithm
  3. rvn-pool.beepool.org:9531 – pool address and time
  4. RKAeArXkWLNERjWo5YF3R1xFnYCwKf11sX – wallet for mining.

Setup for NiceHash

Here is the batch file for NiceHash:

wildrig.exe --print-full --algo kawpow --url stratum+tcp://kawpow.eu-west.nicehash.com:3385 --worker RIG_ID --user 3LZhp4g3m7YWqR4hAPrZsKWbyo7hRBmqvy --pass x


  • aergo, anime
  • bcd, bitcore, blake2b-btcc, blake2b-glt, blake2s, bmw512
  • c11
  • dedal
  • exosis
  • geek, glt-astralhash, glt-globalhash, glt-jeonghash, glt-padihash, glt-pawelhash
  • hex, hmq1725, honeycomb
  • kawpow
  • lyra2tdc, lyra2v2, lyra2v3, lyra2vc0ban
  • mtp, mtp-tcr
  • nist5
  • phi, polytimos, progpowz, progpow-ethercore, progpow-sero
  • quark, quibit
  • renesis
  • sha256, sha256csm, sha256d, sha256q, sha256t, skein2, skunkhash, sonoa
  • timetravel, tribus
  • wildkeccak
  • x11, x12, x13, x14, x15, x16r, x16rv2, x16s, x17, x17,r x18, x20r, x21i, x21s, x25x, xevan


–algo or a short synonym for this command -a – specifies the algorithm for mining (for example: ‘mtp’, ‘lyra2Z’, ‘scrypt’, ‘myr-gr’)

Important! Use either the long synonym –algo or the short one -a. You don’t need to use both together.

Further commands will be specified separated by commas. First a short synonym, and then a long one. Remember that you only need to use one option.

-v, –version Display version and exit.

-c, –config \<config file path> – Use config in JSON format instead of batch file (CMD file).

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