Bminer 15.7.6 (NVIDIA & AMD GPUs miner) [DOWNLOAD]

Bminer 15.7.6 (NVIDIA & AMD GPUs miner) is one of the most productive and optimized miners (mining programs – cryptocurrency mining). The program is designed to work on modern NVIDIA GPUs (Maxwell and Pascal), but AMD GPUs are also supported. Bminer uses various optimization methods, including pipelining, to unleash the full potential of the equipment.

Mining: Grin coin, BitcoinGold, BitcoinZ and other coins

Dev-Fee is 2% (there is also the possibility of turning off the commission).

Changes v15.7.6

  • Fixed a bug due to which the Cuckaroo29d miner did not start on RTX series cards.

Known Issues: Some users report that the Cuckaroo29d may be damaged on RTX series cards.

Supports Algorithms:

  • cuckARoo29
  • cuckatoo31+
  • CuckooCycle
  • Equihash-144-5
  • Ethash
  • Equihash-150-5
  • Equihash

Configure Bminer

In order to mine cryptocurrency using this miner, you need to configure bat files (files ending in “.bat”) with the coins that you are going to mine.

Fast start

  1. download miner
  2. Unzip the archive to any convenient place
  3. Create bat files or edit existing ones

Let’s go straight to setting up the program

The extraction of any coins occurs through a batch script file that has the permission “.bat”. It is edited by any text editor.

You can create a .bat file yourself. To do this, right-click anywhere on the PC (desktop, folder with files, etc.), then select “text document” and “change the resolution of this file” from “.txt” to “.bat”. Then you can right-click on it, click “change” and enter the necessary commands.

As an example, let’s show a correctly configured batch file – one of our ready-made, correctly configured files.

Example of setting up a batch file for Grin

  1. bminer.exe – the name of the program – leave it as it is. It serves as a directive for a batch file, indicating that bminer should run
  2. cuckaroo29 – mined coin algorithm
  3. rgz – enter the pool login
  4. rgz1 – put a period and write the identifier of the farm (any)
  5. foo – write the pool password, if it is not there – leave this
  6. – specify the address of the pool
  7. 13654 – pool port. Indicated by a colon
  8. pause – a pause means that the miner will not close in case of any error, but will display information about it

On this basic setup for Grin can be completed. By double-clicking on the file Grin coin-f2pool.bat from the folder with the miner, you will begin the process of mining this cryptocurrency.

Launching the program and information in the console

When launched, the program console opens. Let’s see what information it displays to us.

  1. Accepted share – the pool on which we mine cryptocurrency accepted the first ball (the share of work). It is important to know that the miner receives the reward precisely for the sent balls, and not for the hashrate or anything else.
  2. [GPU 0] Speed: 5.92 G/s Temp: 45C Fan: 90% Power: 177W 0.03 G/3 Speed – hash rate. An indirect indicator of our future profit. These data can be entered into any mining profitability calculator and calculate your future income. Next, we are shown the temperature – 45 degrees
  3. Rejected share #0 (Unknown) the pool did not accept one ball and it will not be paid. There are many reasons for not accepting the ball, for example, an unstable Internet connection or weak ping to the pool. It can also be overclocking cards, imperfection of some programs, etc.
  4. Total 11.46 G/s Accepted shares 165 Rejected shares 6 total information about the hashing power of the entire farm, the number of received and not accepted ball
  5. Received new job 4276336  new job for video cards

How to disable commission

To disable commission, add -nofee at the end of the miner settings line.


bminer.exe -uri cuckaroo29:// -nofee

Please pay attention to the bat file syntax. Observe spaces and hyphens where necessary as shown in the example. Otherwise, the program will not start.

Do not remove spaces or punctuation marks when modifying a file, as this will damage the file.

How is commission disconnected and is it worth it to disconnect?

The -nofee command line switch disables the miner’s commission, but at the same time some program optimization parameters are automatically unavailable.

The developer implemented this so that it was not profitable for miners to disable the commission.

The test showed that if you disable the commission, the landing performance will be -4.5%. This is due to the fact that, along with the commission, some program optimization functions are automatically turned off. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the commission on, as in the end, you will still get 2% more coins than with the commission off.

Advanced Settings

If you have successfully configured and launched the miner, you can proceed to the advanced settings of bminer.

  • The -devices “value” switch indicates the slots of the cards used. This will be useful when cards from different manufacturers are installed in the system, and you want to use AMD cards for Ethereum mining, and Nvidia cards for ZCash mining. Do not enter this parameter to use all available cards to run through bminer.
  • -gpucheck 90 indicates the delay in starting mining in seconds. It is useful when your system boots up for a long time and, for example, Msi Afterburenr does not manage to start up and enable management of the card cooling system.
  • -watchdog. This miner has a built-in software watchdog timer that can determine what condition your video cards are in. In the event of any failure, the watchdog will automatically restart the miner.
  • -dual-intensity int 0 Indicates the dual-coin mining rate. Valid values are from 0 to 300. The default value is 0, which means mining one coin.

Solution of problems

Miner died! It will be restarted soon

The error means that you most likely need to increase the virtual memory in Windows to at least 7 GB (or better to 7.5 GB) x (Number of cards), so a 2-card farm will require at least 14 GB.

If this does not help, then some may need to completely reinstall the Windows 10 Home system, as well as the drivers.

CUDA error DRIVER: ‘999’ in func

Most likely there is not enough power supply for the selected algorithm.

There may be two solutions:

  1. Reduce Power Consumption Through Msi Afterburner
  2. Replace power supply

Also, if the “dropped out” card is always the same, then you should double-check all the contacts, risers, connectors and cables.

The program cannot be started because msvcp140.dll is missing

Need to download a library Visual C++ from Microsoft

Other versions Bminer:



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