TT-Miner 5.0.0 (NoDevFee): Download Nvidia GPU Miner for Windows

Now officially TT-Miner 5.0.0 comes with no development fee. This means that the software will no longer take 1% of the time for the developer, as it was before this version. Although support and corrections should continue, the further development of the miner can obviously be stopped. The latest major release of TT-Miner 4.0.0 adds support for KAWPOW mining, and now with version 5.0.0 it becomes the second KAWPOW miner without development fees, just like the official kawpowminer, and this is some advantage you could I want to consider other KAWPOW miners that have 1% or even 2% of the development fee!

The new version of TT-Miner 5.0.0 is already available for download at the links below:

If you like TT-Miner, of course, you can donate a few coins to the developer, if you want to support the further development of the miner, the official addresses for the donations of the developers are listed below:

  • BTC: bc1q0jvewuzg860dj7f9a6988l4ml5dc9ddzlq9e9m
  • XZC: aP7pMvUSgvSqswGcNxf4bBBMJbwpUEEto4
  • ETH: 0xb1C3d505DD3e6C737939AC686649fD79350D6D0d

Please note: if you try to run the miner on Windows, you will receive the missing DLL error, you may have to download the latest version of Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.

TT-Miner supports the algorithms ProgPOW, KAWPOW, Ethash, UBQhash, MTP, Lyra2REv3, Epic, EagleSong and Kadena (Blake2S) on Nvidia GPUs and is available for Windows and Linux as pre-compiled binary files, a miner with a closed source code without a fee for development for all supported algorithms since version 5.0.0.

Supported algorithms:

TT-Miner support mining Ethash on Nicehash.

  • PROGPOW (Zano, Sero & EPIC)
  • ETHASH (ETH, ETC, Music, Callisto, etc)
  • MTP (Zcoin, Tecra)
  • LYRA2REV3 (Vertcoin)
  • EAGLESONG (CKB-Nervos)

In the current version the miner support cuda 9.2, 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2. If you want to make sure that TT-Miner uses a certain cuda version please append one of these values, if you do not append any of them, the miner will always use the algo for the latest cuda version:

-92 for cuda 9.20 (ETHASH-92, UBQHASH-92)
-100 for cuda 10.00 (ETHASH-100, PROGPOW-100)
-101 for cuda 10.10 (ETHASH-101, MTP-101)
-102 for cuda 10.20 (ETHASH-102, MTP-102)

Please note these requirements for the different cuda toolkit releases:

Cuda-Toolkit Linux Windows
CUDA 10.2.89 >= 440.33 >= 441.22
CUDA 10.1.105 >= 418.39 >= 418.96
CUDA 10.0.130 >= 410.48 >= 411.31
CUDA 9.2.148 >= 396.37 >= 398.26

A sample command line might look like this:


Stating from version 2.1.5 TT-Miner can understand most of the used command line arguments. If you already use any miner it should be OK just to replace the program name an leave the remaining arguments as they are. If you have a combination that TT-Miner does not understand please let me know so that I can fix that.

If you look for possible command line options please start the miner with the -h or --help option: TT-Miner.exe -h

TT-Miner is NOT free of bugs, so if you find one please help to make TT-Miner better and report it to me so that I have a chance to fix it.

You might need latest c++ runtime for beta 6 if you see a missing VCRUNTIME140_1.dll




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