NimiqMiner v3.0.1 (AMD GPU OpenCL miner DevFee 2%)

Nimiq v3.0.1 (AMD GPU miner) – This is an OpenCL version of the NoncerPro GPU miner that uses the standard Nano mining protocol and is compatible with all available nimiq pools. This miner has a fixed 2% development fee (DevFee 2%). The development fee was 1% in AMD miner V1.0.1 and previous versions.

ChangeLog v3.0.1:

  • ~ 10% hash rate improvement
  • rx580 8 GB -> 242 kHz / s with core state: p3, core clock frequency: 1090, memory clock frequency 2200, amdmemtweak: –ref = 30
  • Increase the value of mem clock to the maximum stable, and then check the clock range 1050-1125 for the best hashrate.
  • Be sure to add –optimizer every time you change the oc setting.
  • Improving Power Consumption (Ellesmere Cards on Linux)
  • This version works better at lower clock frequencies, so you can reduce the core voltage (830 – 850 mV) and
  • Added support for stupid mode (–mode = dumb)
  • Discarded an extra 20 seconds on the development board (exactly 120 seconds or 2%)
  • Added startDifficulty option (–diff = 32)
  • Disabled API by default. Add –api = ture if you need it

Nimiq (NIM) is a cryptocurrency developed for the browser. Initially, Nimiq could only be mined using your processor. Since January 2019, mining on the GPU is also possible.

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