MiniZ v1.6v5 (Download Fast Nvidia Equihash Miner)

miniZ – best Equihash Miner

miniZ supports Equihash 144.5, Equihash 150.5, Equihash 150.5.3 as well as Equihash 192.7, Equihash 125.4, Equihash 210.9 and Equihash 96.5 and various cryptocurrencies that use these algorithms on compatible Nvidia graphics cards. miniZ is available for CUDA 8.0 and CUDA 10.0, including Nvidia RTX GPUS support with CUDA 10 release (check which version works best on older GPUs, CUDA 10 is required for RTX). Be aware that since miniZ is a closed source miner, there is also a built-in development fee of 2%.

You can download miniZ Equihash miner for Windows and Linux operating systems from the links below

IN ALWAYS! We have ended support for Cuda 8. Please update your NVIDIA drivers to use Cuda 10:

  • NVIDIA driver 410.48 or later (Linux).
  • NVIDIA driver 411.31 or newer (Windows).

Using miniZ miner

For updated information, check out the specific topic on the FAQ page ( Usage FAQ ).

To run miniZ Equihash miner on Linux: open a console window and enter:

./miniZ --url=username@server:port

On Windows: run the CMD shell (CMD.exe) and type:

miniZ.exe --url=username@server:port
  • username – Replace username with your username in the pool. This is usually your wallet address, depending on the pool.
  • server: port – port by pool address and port number. Ex. mine BTG in
    • 2miners: 
    • Ex. to mine BTG in suprnova:

More information about the parameters can be found using the commands:

./miniZ --help
./miniZ -h


To mine BTG with all GPUs in btgpool:


For BTG mining with GPU 0 and 2, after 2 minutes, port 4040:

./miniZ -cd 0 2

Same as the previous one, but specifying the second pool + user + port:

./miniZ -cd 0 2

To mine BTCZ with GPUs 0, 1 and 2, in equipool, with SSL, worker worker:

./miniZ -cd 0 1 2 --url=ssl://

Same as previous, but with alternative command line arguments:

./miniZ -cd 0 1 2 --user YourWalletAddress.worker --server ssl:// --port 50066

For mining BTCZ in 2 minutes, port 2020 and BTG in Suprnov, port 8817, with GPU 0 and 2:

To mine BTCZ in 2miners, port 2020, and BTG in suprnova, port 8817, with GPU 0 and 2:

For mining MNX with GPU 2, select two pools – solopool, port 2020 and minexpool, port 3333:

To mine MNX with GPU 2, choosing two pools – solopool, port 2020, and minexpool, port 3333:

Console output

Since it is important to have feedback while using miniZ, some information (speed, GPU temperature …) will be displayed in the console window.

First, you will see a heading listing the values of the command line parameters. Although miniZ will warn you of common errors, it would be nice to confirm that everything is correct.

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