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How to evaluate video card performance and mining potential

The cost of graphics processing units (GPUs) has risen significantly as a result of the semiconductor shortage caused by the 2020-2021 pandemic. Videocards are increasingly purchased by miners on the secondary market. Used GPUs are 30-50% cheaper than brand new ones. However, there is a chance of getting a faulty gadget that has almost used up all its resources. For this reason, you must learn how to evaluate the mining and performance of a video card. A processor that you buy on your own without first evaluating it can cost you money. The card goes through a thorough testing process that includes verification, document analysis, BIOS firmware analysis, and stress testing using specialized software.

Setting up and choosing a video card for mining

Users are experiencing problems with configuring the GPU when mining cryptocurrencies. To configure video cards, software specially designed for mining is used. You have to connect many applications at the same time if the GPU farm consists of GPUs from different manufacturers (GIGABYTE Xtreme, AORUS Graphics Engine, AMD OverDrive, WattTool and others). As a result, MSI Afterburner is a widely used software among miners. The software allows you to set basic GPU settings.

How to speed up the process of mining cryptocurrencies

The complexity of the blockchain increases with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. As a result, after two or three months, even a powerful device for mining coins will cease to function effectively. Miners can cut costs, strengthen the hashrate, or consider ways to accelerate mining to maintain the profitability of the company. Manufacturers allow an increase in productivity by 30-40%. However, forced acceleration leads to an increase in energy consumption and heat loss. The miner must choose which option is more profitable: upgrading the equipment with a more powerful power supply and cooling, or strengthening existing equipment.